Saturday, September 20, 2014

Save the Boobies Month!!!!! CHARITY EVENT CONTEST

In order to raise awareness for a good cause and promote my blog, I am going to be running an October month long charity pimpage at my blog.  For every comment left by my followers, I will donate $1 to help Breast Cancer Awareness.  For anyone that promotes my month long charity commitment, I will donate $5 to the event (1 donation per blog).  If you pimp my blog, please provide a link in a comment so I can keep track.  

We're all baseball fans, right?  Let's work together to Save Second Base.

I've been silently adding pink cards all year long and hiding them from my blog so that the entire month of October can be ribboned (pun intended) in pink.  In addition to making donations based on comments and pimping of my blog, I will also offer a select few of the cards up for random drawings and only the people that entered a comment/pimp will be eligible for that card's random giveaway.

To kick off Breast Cancer Awareness, I'm showing off my only autograph of the All-Time Hit King.  I purchased this very early in the year (January or February?) for around $30.  It's an on card autograph of Pete Rose numbered to 60.

Here's the back of the card.

Oh and let's remember what we're trying to save...

feel free to make your own suggestions of breasts to show all month long


  1. The Rose auto and inscription is awesome! Of course it took me a few times looking at your post to realize there was a baseball card on it. I was a bit distracted. Very generous of you to donate to a great cause!

  2. Awesome commitment to an awesome cause! Look forward to seeing some pink stuff.

  3. Excellent cause and I'm also saying that because I have boobies too! Pimped you at:

  4. More Kate Upton is always a good thing.

  5. We must save them! I salute that awesome rose and the beautiful boobies.