Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sexy Saturday: Miki Black

When I was planning out this all pink month to Save Second Base, I came across a handful of Benchwarmers cards that interested me enough to grab an autograph.

I already showed off a Brooke Morales autograph because BASEketball was one of my favorite sports movies when I was younger.  I also grabbed an autograph of former St. Pauli Girl Lager pinup Katarina Van Derham.

Today I'm showing off another autograph (numbered to only 25 copies too) that I grabbed for under $3.

Normally I don't show off the backs of cards, but this one is so good I had to

If you have never heard of Miki Black don't feel too bad.  She has her own youtube channel that you can check out or if you want a good laugh check out the youtube video Harry Potter in the Hood.  She's one of the hotties gettin' down with Harry.

Friday, October 24, 2014

G.I. Jones makes a pink appearance

I can't say too much for Garrett Jones that hasn't already been said on this blog.  He's a great guy with a lot of homerun power in his swing, but he strikes out too many times and doesn't play a very rangeful first baseman.  The Pirates cut ways with Jones after 2013 and he signed a 2 year deal with the Miami Marlins.  He provided the numbers that many Pirates came to expect from him, an average around .250, 50+RBI, and mid teen homerun totals.

Oh well...I grabbed this card of the former Pirate for $4 delivered.

And since his nickname is G.I. Jones, here's some G.I. related boobs to make this post better
a hot girl dressed as Lady Jaye from G.I. Joe

Thursday, October 23, 2014

El Toro strikes (out) again!

Pedro Alvarez has been one of the NL leaders in strikeouts for most of his professional career.  He's also been one of the NL Leaders in errors committed as a 3B since his debut.  Last year, despite appearing in only 99 games at 3B he managed to commit 25 errors.  He has a cannon for an arm, but has no control of routine ground balls.  His power swing is what will keep him in the lineup, but it looks like he will likely move to 1B next season and Josh Harrison will take over the duties of 3B.

I grabbed this 2013 Pink Parallel midseason when Alvarez was really struggling and it cost me less than $7 delivered.

Since Pedro Alvarez' nickname is El Toro (The Bull), let's see some Red Bull girls...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Didi save the DDs

Didi Gregorius was the key piece of a three team trade that sent Shin Soo Choo to the Reds and Trevor Bauer and Drew Stubbs to the Indians.  In two seasons with the Diamondbacks, Didi has managed to bat .241 with three stolen bases and hit 13 homeruns.  It's not exactly the numbers that Arizona wanted when they traded for the scrappy shortstop.  His defensive skills are still very much above average though and he is still fairly young (24 years old) so he may become a better player as he continues to develop.

Remember back when I talked about doing another reverse box of Tribute like I did last year.

Well I decided to go ahead and fulfill the reverse box.  I already showed off the Grilli and Marte autos.  This makes #3 for my reverse box settling in at $4.60 delivered.  That leaves me with $118 to add another auto and 12 basecards.  I won't show off the base cards as I literally just got nothing but base cards for $1 each.  However, stay tuned next week for my final reveal to complete the box.  I'll give you a hint.  It's pink!!!

Because I am running an all pink card month for Breast Cancer Awareness I have enlisted Didi Gregorious to help save second base. My newest pink card on the PTR is of Didi and its to help save the DDs (or in this case bigger)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

From Yesterday's MVP to this year's MVP

Yesterday I featured a 2014 Andrew McCutchen Topps Series 2 Pink Parallel that highlighted Cutch's 2013 MVP season.  Cutch had another outstanding offensive season and could very well win his second MVP award in as many years.  However, this year a player emerged from what seamed like nowhere to become an All-Star and possibly get some MVP votes.  I purchased the card you see below for $10.  Normally I wouldn't spend that much for a JHey card, but did you not see the season he had????

Josh Harrison missed winning the batting title by just a few hits.  He played a variety of positions throughout the year (2B, SS, 3B, LF, RF) and still managed to post a .984 fielding percentage.  In early May it looked like the Pirates magical 2013 season was just a fluke as the Pirates quickly fell to almost 10 games under .500.

Harrison proved to be the spark plug the Pirates needed as they faced countless injuries and player problems.  When Starling Marte went down, Harrison was there.  When Walker went down, Harrison was there.  When Alvarez couldn't throw to 1B without giving the fans a souvenir, Harrison was there.  The 5ft8 Ohio native ended the season with an All-Star appearance, NL Player of the Month (August 2014), second in batting average, (.315), 9th in slugging (.490), 7th in doubles (38), and most impressive was that he had a .679 Offensive Win Percentage.  For those that don't know what offensive win % measures, it's if a team fielded 9 of that player to bat in a lineup, how he would do.  There's a lot more well known guys ahead of him on the list and that's it.

Thank you JHey AllDay for making the 2014 season so much fun to watch!!!! Let's do it again next year.  It's a shame you couldn't get the batting title.

Monday, October 20, 2014

McCutchen Monday: The Greatest 2014 McCutchen Topps Card IN PINK!!!!

We are approaching the end of week 3 of Save Second Base here at the Treasure Room.  For the second week in a row, I am showing off an Andrew McCutchen as McCutchen Mondays are back in full effect after only a 1 week delay.  This card ran me a little more than I would like to admit for a pink parallel ($30), but....


Ok, ok...It's just a pink parallel from a 2014 Topps base set.  What's so special about that?  Well you see not only is it numbered to 50, but it features a great action photo of Cutch and do you see that little inscription under his name (2013 NL MVP)?  It's been a looooooong time for Pirates fans to be rewarded with a player of Cutch's magnitude and boy does it feel great to have the reigning MVP locked up under contract through 2018.  I love this card so much I'm going to rainbow hunt it.

Speaking of rainbows...

It's time for random tits!!!
thanks Ke$ha for giving us something to stare at besides your fake tooth and rainbow hair.

And because I'm not sure why it pinpoints Cutch's struggles against the Phillies last year, here's some Phillies boobs

Sunday, October 19, 2014