Monday, May 2, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #101: Opening Day Photo Variant

When Cutch received the Roberto Clemente award, I was really hoping that Topps would make a card showing Cutch with the prestigious award.

Unfortunately for my wallet, it came as a short print photo variant in Opening Day

Sunday, May 1, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #100: The Biggest Addition is the Smallest

I'm trying to add as many unique cards to the Cutch PC as possible this year and when I saw this 2015 Allen & Ginter Mini Mini show up, I had to have it.  These were found in specially marked Rip Card Minis.  As a result, you could get a mini mini inside.  This tiny beauty is numbered 1/2

Here's all the cards side by side to show just how small this card is compared to your standard mini or even the base
mini mini, standard mini, base card

mini mini and standard mini

Friday, April 29, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #98 & 99: Two Low Number Parallels from 2010

Chrome cards of Cutch from 2010 don't pop up very often, but when I saw both of these hit and end within minutes of one another, I knew that I had to try and win them both so that I can add them to my latest batch of Cutch PC additions in 2016.

Mission accomplished.

The scan on the Orange Bowman Chrome refractor kept cutting the card off because of the way that year's release warped.  I assure you the card is perfectly centered (9.5 easily)
Both parallels are numbered to only 25 copies.  The Bowman Chrome was purchased for about half the price of the Red Refractor Topps Chrome.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #97: SICK ALL-STAR GAME PATCH

This post is very well timed after Cutch's 3 HR performance last night. What better way than to pay tribute than to show off a Triple Threads patch?

I love All-Star Game Patches from Triple Threads and over the past year I have put a lot of focus on adding nice Cutch patches from the game.  My most recent addition hails from 2014 Triple Threads and has a nice prime patch from the 2013 All-Star Game
2013 All-Star Game from 2014 Triple Threads

Cutch has appeared in 5 All-Star Games in his 6 full seasons since making his debut June 2009.  When Triple Threads comes out this year and has a nice prime patch from the 2015 All-Star game, you can be certain that I will add one to my collection.
Below is the other's that I have from previous All-Star games

2012 All-Star Game from 2013 Triple Threads
2011 All-Star Game from 2012 Triple Threads

2014 All-Star Game from 2015 Triple Threads

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #96: WalMart Delivery

Cutch is part of this year's WalMart Pizza card set, but I haven't come across any yet.  On a side note, I added this blue Wal Mart parallel to my collection for $1.
For a recap of all the Cutch cards I have added to my collection this year, check out the link here.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Pops, Mad Dog, the Cobra, and the R-O-Y

If only it could have been Teke or Omar Moreno that appeared on this card instead of Jason Bay

Don't get me wrong, I love Jason Bay, but adding someone else from the 1979 We Are Family Pirates would have been a lot better.

This eBay 1/1 or as normal people should call it 100/100 was purchased using some eBay bucks a few months ago.

The problem I always have when adding multiplayer cards I collect is who to file them under. Normally it goes into this kind of ranking
1)PC player (Cutch or Morton)
2)Hall of Fame credentials (then by Year of induction)
3)Number of MVPs or Cy Youngs
4)Number of All-Star Games
5)Pick a player, any player

So since this card doesn't feature Cutch, I filed it under Pops because he was inducted into the Hall of Fame and the other 3 players have not (although Dave Parker could arguably be considered since his stats are nearly identical to HoFer Jim Rice).