Friday, July 31, 2015

You won't find these in any pack

Someone was unloading their entire Pirates collection on eBay over the past month and I (along with Matt from Bob Walk the Plank) took advantage of adding some new cards that we both didn't know existed.

This was one of the highlights for me of the cards posted.

Neil Walker is such a fan favorite because of his ties to the city and ability to come up with some clutch at bats.
The front of the cards is clearly based on the 2013 Topps "turtle" design

The back have a look reminiscent of vintage baseball cards

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Funny oddball of one of my favorites

For 99 cents delivered, I grabbed this unique oddball card from CardToons of Andy Van Tyke for the Parrots.
Look how tiny Andy is compared to the catcher!

Here's some interesting facts about the toddler

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

McCutchen Mailday 98, 99, and 100!!!!!: All 1/1s All Archives!!!!

Last week I showed off a near complete rainbow of 2015 Topps League Leaders.  That was cool and all, but now I am going to show off my nearly complete rainbow of 1/1s from 2015 Topps Archives.

I was lucky enough to acquire two of the 4 printing plates along with the extremely rare 1/1 black border last month.

Here's the cards seperately

Beautiful, right?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My new PC player is....

Ke'Bryan Hayes

Shortly after Ke'Bryan Hayes was drafted by the Bucs, I went out and bought about a dozen cards of him.  Prices ranged in the $3-$15 range for relics and low numbered autographs.  I wish I had been more aggressive as Ke'Bryan is tearing it up in his first taste of proball.

I know it's a small sample size, but in his first 60 at bats, Hayes has a slash line of .417/.507/.517 with 3 stolen bases.  He's showing good plate discipline as his strikeout and walk rate are almost identical.
If you've never heard of Ke'Bryan Hayes before, maybe you have heard of his father

Charlie Hayes
Charlie was a journeyman third baseman that played in 14 seasons with 7 clubs.  He finished his career with a .262 average and 144 round trippers.  Hayes spent part of a season with the Bucs in 1996 before being shipped off to the New York Yankees.  I'll have a future post about the Pirates 2015 draft class and how many of them relate to the TV series Seinfeld (including Hayes).  As a member of the Pirates, Hayes hit .248 with 10 homers.

Monday, July 27, 2015


 There was a lot of discussion about Johnny Cueto being on the trade block before the season and shortly after the season started.  One of my collecting goals for 2015 was to add a certified autograph of every Pirate who appeared in the 2013 Wild Card Blackout Game.  It would have been an unjustice to us the fans not to go after the guy who got PNC Park so amped for Buctober by chanting "Cue-To Cue-to Cue-to".  That game was the most memorable game in my life.  Pure awesomeness!

The above auto ran me $15 for the new Royals ace.
Another guy who was on the trade block was Pedro Alvarez. Pedro shows signs of absolute domination being able to crush the ball into the Alleghany River at will. He also shows month long levels of frustration of excess strikeouts and weak groundballs to the 2B. The Pirates are clearly willing to upgrade their 1B, but the obvious options available aren't all that inspiring. Maybe a huge salary risk like Prince Fielder could lead the Bucs to a Championship.

The above Pedro Alvarez 2014 Power Gold Foil ran me less than $5  delivered for the /75 card. These were prizes for unlocked codes from last year's Power Players cards.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Don't Do Drugs!!! You can still throw no hitters

These were a pair of oddball Dock Ellis cards I recently purchased for $4 delivered.

They were made to celebrate Dock's LSD no hitter.

Cole Hamels threw a non drug related No Hitter yesterday.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Jung Ho, Jung's off to work we go....

With the Pirates Opening Day SS and 3B both out for 5+ more weeks, it's a great thing that the Pirates acquired Jung-Ho Kang (pronounced Gong) in the offseason.

In only 78 games, he has already produced 2.2 WAR according to his baseball-reference page.  That's incredible!!! In a half season produced enough for his entire contract (4 years/$11M)

The Pirates are continuing to battle the Red Birds for top place in the NL Central and currently have the 3rd best record in baseball.

Hopefully between Kang at SS and recently acquired former Bucco Aramis Ramirez, the Pirates can continue to gain some ground on the Cardinals.


I bought the above Prism Fresh Faces auto the day Prizm went live. With Topps putting Kang's auto in several product releases since then, I should have waited.