Friday, July 29, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #107: Blue Titan!!!

I like the title of this post. It sounds like a superhero. My Cutch PC makes me feel like I'm a superhero, or at the very least a crazed super collector.

The recent Cutch to join my PC is a 2014 Blue parallel from Tribute Titans. It features a nice black swatch and is numbered 18/50.

Friday, July 22, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #105 + 106: a pair of Heritage Minis

I've been on a big Heritage parallel kick lately, trying to track down color swaps, Chromes, different backs, etc.

My latest batch of Cutch PC additions included red and green backs from the 51' Collection. Also included in the recent purchases was a Starling Marte red back.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #104: Little C

My latest addition to the Cutch PC is another 1/1 letter from 2014 Topps Five Star. This marks the 3rd letter from that set I have purchased in the past year.
The Pirates have been doing some dance move rituals before every game this year. I bring that up because Lil C is a dance choreographer.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #103: This will pair nicely with my Superfractor

Remember when I got that Superfractor Rookie Card of Cutch?

This will go nicely with it.

Since May 2nd, I have only posted 3 times. I'm hoping to get back on track and maybe in doing so Cutch can get back on track to his career levels.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jameson Taillon Debut Patch

I've been waiting almost 6 years for this day to come.  I remember sitting in my small apartment on my busted up chair using my PC to watch the 2010 MLB Draft as the Pirates had the number 2 overall pick.  The 3 big names of the draft were all prep athletes.  Two of them have already become All-Stars (Bryce Harper and Manny Machado).  The third was the hard throwing highschool pitcher Jameson Taillon.  Man am I excited to see Jamo finally pitch in the big leagues.  I've had this card since August of 2013 patiently awaiting for his big debut to debut it.

This beauty was had for under $20!!!!!
2013 Pro Debut Patch 1/5

It features a large patch of the Jolly Roger from his 2012 All-Star Future's Game sleeve.  From the box score, Taillon didn't have a good outing.  He pitched 1 inning and gave up 2 hits (both doubles), allowing 1 run.  He didn't walk anyone, nor did he strike anyone out.  However he did throw 12 of his 17 pitches for strikes.  I remember watching the game and thinking damn, this kid is gonna be awesome in a few years.  He did an amazing job mixing up his speeds on his 4 pitch arsenal.

The back of the card has the normal small print text about not being from a specific season, blah blah blah.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #102: Another Manurelic?

I'm getting tired of all these manurelics that Topps keeps producing

Yet for some stupid reason, I keep buying these things for $1.75 and $2.50 shipping