Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Favorite Morton (one of them at least) and a life altering story

Anyone remember that TV show My Favorite Martian?

Well today, I'm going to show off (one of) my favorite Mortons.

I purchased this card a long time ago, probably close to 3 years ago right after Lineage had come out, but just never got around to posting it because that's when I was really struggling with family issues, health issues, relationship issues, and power outages.  I don't remember exactly how much it was, but I think it ran me close to $40.

There's that famous saying that if these walls could talk, well I've also heard people throw around the term, if this card could tell a story....

This card does tell a story.  I missed the opportunity to buy the first one that I saw, but was able to grab the second.  It not only represents how I was able to overcome all that adversity, but also how the player depicted was able to change his performance on the field from being one of the worse seasons historically by a Pirates pitcher in 2010 (-2.3 WAR, 7.57ERA, 2-12 record) to being a valuable part of the Pirates pitching staff for years to come (1.9 WAR in 2011, 3.26ERA in 2013).   It shows that no matter what life throws you, you can shine on (like a canary diamond or whatever silly parallel this is).

I got into a major car accident Monday (hence why there was no McCutchen Monday this week) and am fortunate that I am able to walk, albeit with a limp.

But like this card, my life has given me a second chance and I'm gonna shine bright like this card.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My latest Jason Bay AUTO

My 48th Jason Bay certified autograph cost me a low price of only $7 delivered.

This on card graph is from 2005 Topps Finest and reminds me of when Topps would produce nice looking autographs and you could believe their certification.  Look how bold Congratulations is.  Look how it says that all autographs are witnessed by Topps representatives.  This is before sticker autographs became easier for the card companies to use.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Katy Perry Presents: The Letter U

A nice set of tits is always appreciated, so in the style of Sesame Street and my favorite lady to ever wear an Elmo tshirt, I will allow Katy Perry to present today's letter (yes there are baseball cards in this post too)

Today's Letter is:

2007 SP By the Letter Jason Bay AUTO 7/25
You might be thinking there's no U in Jason Bay. Well Treasure Room fans, you are correct, but Upper Deck created a name plate of Bay that also spelled out PITTSBURGH. The above Jason Bay U marks my 5th letter in attempting that plate. I have the S B U R H.

2009 Upper Deck Team USA By the Letter  Jameson Taillon AUTO 42/100

The above 2 future front of rotation Pirates pitchers are from the Team USA by the letter line in 2009. Both Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon are represented.  Speaking of Jameson Taillon, if you haven't already checked out the sick patch of his I have from the 2012 Futures Game go check it out by clicking here. It also features the letter U.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Seeing Red: A Pair of Red Parallels hits the PTR

After last night's slugfest, the Pirates were seeing blood in the water as the Shark Tank proved to be better than the Brewers relievers. They ran over the Brewers 11-2 in an energetic PNC Park.  Most of the damage came in the 8th inning when they took advantage of Wei Chung Wang (a rule 5 draft pick from the Pirates).

I recently picked a pair of cheap red parallels for my player collections.

Up first is from one of my favorite images of Jason Bay numbered 49/50.
2006 Upper Deck Red 49/50
The above card, which cost me $5 perfectly shows why Jason was my favorite player for a very long time.  The guy hustled more than anyone else on the field, which eventually lead to his injury plagued years with the Mets and a shortened career.  While with the Pirates, it wasn't uncommon for Jason to go running into the left field wall to track a fly ball down.  He played with so much passion and emotion every single night. It's a shame that his career only had him playing for one and half seasons with a good team (Boston Red Sox)

And next is the only player I truly consider myself a super collector of, Charlie Morton.
2014 Topps Target Red Parallel
This marks my 12th different Charlie Morton 2014 Topps card.  Ground Chuck is on the hill tonight as the Pirates hope to gain more ground on the 1st place Brewers after last night's laugher win 11-2.  BTW...If you haven't checked out one of my favorite Charlie Morton cards, please check out yesterday's link.  It's a 2014 Topps Clear /10 and is one of the greatest parallels that Topps has ever done.  Everyone should grab one of their favorite player now!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I hate losing!  Which is weird when you consider that a team I've rooted for a long time couldn't seem to win.  I'm extremely competitive when I'm at my job, or with my friends playing softball, but I'm equally competitive when trying to win auctions on ebay.  I hate to lose.  It happens though.  A lot of auctions I put bids on just as a flier.  You know the kind where you say, it would be nice to win this auction for this price, but I don't really need this card.

Such was NOT the case with the card you see below.  I had to win it.  The competitive side came out and I was bound and determined to add it to my collection, no matter the price.

 I had to show off the back of the card first, because it is just so unique looking.  To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that Topps has produced Clear Acetate cards in this style before.  They are absolutely beautifully done and very low numbered.
The above is the front of the card numbered 3/10.  I was so caught up on winning this auction, I remember everything that lead up to me winning it.  I was heading on vacation last month with my girlfriend and we had just gotten to our hotel when I got the alert that the auction was ending soon.  We decided to hang out outside her car before heading into the hotel as I pulled out my phone and watched seconds tick by closer and closer to 0seconds.  I put in my final bid with seconds left and sniped the shit out of it.  Winning the card for (what I belive to be good value) just under $27 shipped.  Not knowing if anymore would be popping up soon, I had to add this to the collection and now that it's in my possession, I am going to search for the other 9.

Charlie Morton is on the hill tomorrow trying to get the Pirates closer to 1st place.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It all comes down to this....

The Pacers had a HUGE win over the Thunder Sunday night, which means with the Heat losing to the Wizards, they will guarantee themselves home court advantage through the playoffs.

Lance Stephenson got his 5th triple-double of the season on Sunday, the most all time by a Pacers player in an individual season.  Stephenson has quietly been a solid contributor to the Pacers success all season long.  I picked this up earlier in the season when the Pacers were virtually unstoppable before the All-Star break for around $32.

Who do you think has the best chance of being NBA champions this year?  The Heat again?  Thunder?  I'm pulling for the Pacers, not just because they're my favorite team, but also because I think they will become hot at the right moment in time to really click and win important games.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday April 15th Jackie Robinson Day

Jackie Robinson changed American History

2012 Topps Triple Threads 22/36
This card shows Cutch wearing the #42 jersey in recognition of Jackie Robinson Day held every April 15th.  The card however is numbered with Cutch's actual jersey number #22/36. I've had this for over a year but never got around to posting it. To be honest, I don't remember what I paid, but I'm pretty confident it was less than the price of a blaster. Cutch is still looking for his first HR of the 2014 season, but his Pirates team mates are leading the NL in long balls as evidenced by last night's slugfest in Cincinnati where the Pirates hit 6 home runs in 6 innings.