Friday, January 30, 2015

The First Charlie Morton Post of 2015

I can't believe it's already been almost three months since I last showed off a Charlie Morton card on the PTR.  With Morton expected to miss his first couple starts of 2015 due to the hip surgery he received, you can still expect about 30 new Charlie Morton posts this year once he recovers.  I've got a small stack of 2014 cards left over from last year that will need to still be posted.

2014 Topps Mini Gold 62/63
This gold parallel from 2014 Topps Mini ran me just shy of $6 delivered.

2015 Topps hits shelves soon and it looks like Charlie is part of Series 1. Oooohhhh parallels, here I come.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday: You Complete Me 1968

One of my collecting goals for 2015 was to complete 2 vintage team sets which you can see on my Vintage Needs.  I can now cross off almost two from the list and we are only a month into the new year.

Because of our work schedules and the hour difference between us, I didn't get a chance to see my mom on Christmas.  Instead it took us a few weeks into the new year to exchange gifts and enjoy some drinks and holiday cookies.

My mom went above all expectations and hooked me up with some vintage cards I needed to complete some team sets I was working on.  She filled in the remaining 5 cards needed for my 1968 team set by adding 4 cards sporting Hall of Famers (2 Clementes, 1 Stargell, and 1 Jim Bunning).

In addition to the 5 cards I needed for 1968, she also scored me a handful of 1962s which brings my team set needs for that year to only #10 Roberto Clemente.

Thanks so much Mom for knocking these out for me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A NEW HALL OF FAMER ENTERS THE COLLECTION, First Goal of 2015 Complete!!!!

Last year was a great year for my collection.  I completed my first 2014 Goal within a week and day of making my list by adding a Goose Gossage Pirates autograph.  This year, I followed suit and completed my first 2015 Goal within a few weeks of the new year.

Following the same pattern as last year, I sought out a new Hall of Fame autograph to add to the collection.  There's a long list of Pirates in the Hall of Fame that I currently don't have, but 1961 inductee Max Carey can now be crossed off that list.

Max Carey never received more than 51% of the votes for Hall of Fame eligibility during his 15 years post retirement.  However 3 years after his last year of eligibility he was inducted in by the Veteran's Committee.  The fleet footed outfielder won the Stolen Base crown 10 times while a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates and still ranks 9th All-Time.

Carey finished his 19 year career with a .285 batting average, 2664 hits, and a patent for sliding pads to protect your legs and hips when sliding.  His numbers don't jump off the page, but during a ten year stretch he was one of the best in the game patrolling the outfield.

I've seen Carey autographs sell for as much as $200 in the past and I was very happy to win this auction with a best offer in the $50 range.  Obviously getting sticker autos or on card autos of many of the Pirates in the Hall of Fame besides Bill Mazeroski and the recently deceased Ralph Kiner are going to be tough to come by so I don't mind a cut auto when available.  However, I do have one rule for cut autos and that is it must show an image of the player.  I don't care if the logos have been cut out or it's unlicensed, but I want to see an image of the player.

McCutchen Mailday #7: 1989 Topps Mini

I'm adding Cutch cards like crazy the past few weeks as my quest for 100 gets me closer to double digits.  My latest ebay win didn't have to travel very far at all.  It had to go from Flemington NJ to Flemington NJ.  For $2.12, I won the below card with free shipping.

1989 was one of the most over produced sets of all time.  It's also one of those sets I fondly remember as a youngster just beginning to collect cards.

Speaking of being a youngster...Cutch likes to imitate some of the more veteran/retired players that he grew up watching.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Topps Tek Confuses the **** Out of Me!!!!

I love chasing parallels.  I supercollect Charlie Morton.  I've been buying parallels of Russell Martin's 2013 Topps Chrome since it's release.  I love parallels.  They're fun to collect.

Topps Tek, tho.....HELL NO!!!!

There are so many different variations and they are all so minutely different that I just can't keep up with all the shapes and diffractors, and refractors and images resembling tractors.

Take these two cards for example.  They look pretty similiar, right?

Yes they do.  One diffracts light a little bit different and that warrants a special numbering /25 copies.

The scan on the back is more evident of it's lightshow it gives off.

This type of parallel stands out much clearer to me.  It's black and white what kind of parallel this is.  If you don't get the pun, get the hell off my blog.

The three cards above were won for $27 delivered.  Overall it's not a bad price to pay for two cards numbered to less than 25 copies.

Monday, January 26, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #6: 2014 Topps All-Star All Access

Another addition to the Quest for 100 and I am $8.25 less in my wallet.  The All-Star Game Access cards are very tough to pull and are retail exclusives that I believe come 1:3 hangers.

The 2014 All-Star game saw the Pittsburgh Pirates send a starter to the All-Star game for the first time since Jason Bay in 2006.  Cutch would prove the fans right for selecting him when he hit a single up the middle, then went on to steal third base.

It's weird to think that Cutch is already a 4 time All-Star.  He's been one of the leagues best players the past few years and is turning in a very nice career as he begins to enter his prime years.

How are you guys enjoying my Quest for 100?  Should I continue to do single card posts and show the backs?  Should I group the cards in blocks of 5?  Does anyone care that I'm trying to add 100 new unique Cutch cards to the collection?

McCutchen Monday: A Pair of Prizms

Towards the end of last year I purchased a large lot of Andrew McCutchen cards.  Included in the lot were 2 Panini Prizms from 2013 that I needed for my collection.  I got the base and the Prizm parallel.
Of all the Panini logoless cards, Prizm is the one I dislike the most.  The inserts are cool, but the base cards just stand out like a sore thumb without their logos.

I have been finally updating my Andrew McCutchen cards I own to the Cutch PC tab on the page.  Click here to see all the Andrew McCutchen cards I own and have added to the database.  There's a small stack of Cutch cards that I never showed off in 2014 that will be shown off in future McCutchen Mondays.  Meanwhile I am attempting to add 100 *NEW* Cutch cards to the PC in 2015 which you can monitor my progress in The Quest For 100.