Saturday, April 25, 2015

Austin Meadows Patch & On Card AUTO!!!!

I've purchased a few of the Leaf Trinity patch cards in the past like my Tyler Glasnow I showed off last year.  I have also grabbed a Cole Tucker for only $13 that I haven't had a chance to show off yet.  This on card autograph of the Pirates prospect, Austin Meadows, cost me only $17 delivered.

It is my 3rd on card auto of the young outfielder who is hitting very well as a teenager in the Florida State League.

Friday, April 24, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #48: All-Star Target Exclusive

My latest Quest for 100 new Cutch cards added to the PC in 2015 has yielded me a $1 purchase from 2014 Topps.  It's not a 1/1 like the other All-Star Game card I showed off earlier in the week, but technically it could be considered an ebay 1/1 since it is a Target exclusive and the 2014 All-Star game was played at Target Field.  I'm surprised no one has tried that yet.

Nothing too fancy about this card....
Tomorrow's will be better, I promise.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Joey Bats invades the PTR

I've been on a big Jose Bautista buying spree lately and some of the cards I have coming in are just absolutely insane!!!!

Joey Bats made some national headlines after continued sqwalls with the Orioles.

Today is a 2014 Topps Power Players autograph numbered 24/25 that I snagged for $25 delivered.  It's incredible that one of the most elite power bats in the game today can have his autograph sold for only $25 when the card is numbered to only 25 copies.

I know Bautista was a late bloomer, but since 2010 he has hit more HR in the American League than any other player.  He's been an All-Star each of the past 5 seasons and a top 6 MVP finalist in 3 of the past 5 years.  He's currently leading the AL in walks and was the second most walked player last year.  On top of all that he has a beautiful signature which is actually legible.

Expect to see more Joey Bats from me in the future and like I said, some of it will be WTF!!!! WOW!!!! cards...

Future Stars Commemorative Pin

I've been lacking in my timely updates because quite frankly I've been adding more cards than I can keep up with.  When I saw this at my LCS, I knew that I had to add it for the $5 pricetag.  I am glad that I added it, but wish that I had spent an extra $5 and grabbed the numbered/colored version off ebay since they have been selling as low as $10 recently.
Overall, it's a nice looking card.  Polanco has been playing like a future star these past few games and if he lives up to his potential the Pirates will have the best young outfield in the game for the next 4 seasons.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #47: 1/1 All-Star Game Letter "N" 2015 Topps

I honestly don't have a lot to say about this card besides WOW!!!!
My quest for 100 new Cutch cards to the collection in 2015 just got EPIC!!!
This "N" from Cutch's 2014 All-Star Workout jersey will go nicely with the "E" I have from Cutch's 2012 Workout Jersey.

Stay tuned though, cause it may not get better but there's more coming in terms of 1/1s...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Smooth as Silk: Franky Edition

It's been almost a year since I showed off a (Smooth as) Silk Collection card on the PTR.  I came across this 2013 Francisco Liriano for $2 and couldn't pass it up.

In addition to the Silk Collection card you see above, I also grabbed this gold chrome numbered 22/50 for 80 cents!!!!  I just couldn't pass that up either.

Liriano has been pitching very well this year.  Let's hope he can continue it throughout the season.  For his 2 starts this year, he 's compiled a 2.08 ERA, 0.77 WHIP, 14 strikeouts in 13 innings of work and yet he is 0-1.

Let's get Franky a W today!!!! Let's Go Bucs!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

McCutchen Monday: Band of Brothers

This is a card I have had in my collection for a LONG TIME!!!!

With AJ on the mound and Cutch starting to get back on track, it seems like an appropriate time to show it off on McCutchen Mondays.