Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bobble Bobble Bobble! I made a trade with Dodgerbobble

I received my part of a trade package with Josh from
The agreement was for a Jose Tabata Gold Futures 2012 insert and a Frank Thomas Bowman Heritage Jersey relic.  Josh didn't stop there though as he added several other nice surprises that I didn't previously have.

This is the agreed upon Frank Thomas jersey card that I received in exchange for the Kershaw jersey I had pulled last year.  The Big Hurt was one of my favorites growing up and I still remember that video game he put out for the old Sega system.  That game was the shit back in the day.

Here's the "vintage" portion of the lot he sent me featuring all past Pirates players.  I actually didn't have any of these except the Wagner Lineage, which I have given to my girlfriend (also a Pirates fan).  It's nice seeing baseball players without their caps on all the time and I'm very happy to add the Stargell 206 card to my collection.  The Van Slyke was needed for my Van Slyke PC so that was a very nice surprise too.  I don't think I've mentioned it here before, but I just recently bought a Jay Bell game used bat on ebay for about $20 so it was nice to get that Bell card just a few days after the bat arrived.
 Dodgerbobble also included 6 Steelers and 3 Penguins.  Both teams are always welcomed in a trade if you're short on Pirates.  I am slowly trying to build up Steelers and Penguins collections and cards of HOFer Mario Lemieux are always welcome.
 Here's some 2012 and 2010 Pirates cards.  The Tabata Gold Futures was part of the deal.  Everything else was a bonus.
Thanks so much for the trade Josh.  I'm looking forward to our next trade.

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  1. Glad you like everything. I've got a couple more things I think you might be interested in. Can't wait to see the GU Jay Bell bat.