Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pirates win! I win!

With the Pirates winning their 2nd road series to start out 2011, I decided I should celebrate by winning some eBay auctions.  After all, the Pirates only won 17 road games last year so the fact they are 4-2 on the road seems reason to celebrate with some game used jersey and autograph cards that could be found cheap on the internet's biggest garage sale.

Up first is 2 game used jersey Willie "Pops" Stargell cards that I got for less than $5 total.  This brings my total of Stargell jersey cards to 19.  I'd like to get up around 50 by the end of the year.  I never got the chance to watch Pops play in person or even see a game with him in it from when I was younger, but watching all the highlights and the '79 World Series DVD I can tell why he was such a fan favorite. 

Up next is an Autographed 2010 Topps T-206 Joel Hanrahan card.  Joel is just absolutely filthy so far as he leads the National League in Saves.  The Pirates have a very strong bullpen this year with Veras, Meek, Beimel, and Hanrahan.  I've also been impressed with Michael Crotta thus far.  I won this Hanrahan card for $6 including shipping.  Not a bad pickup at all.
Speaking of the Pirates bullpen, I also won an Evan Meek autographed card.  This is my 8th Evan Meek certified autographed card.  Meek has been my favorite reliever over the past couple years and is one of the nicest guys in person too.  I know that he struggled 2 outings this year, but that doesn't worry me at all.  He's a great pitcher that throws hard and has very good command.  This card is from the 2010 Upper Deck Signature Sensations insert.  This card cost me about $15 but I've never seen it before and since I got the Stargells so cheap I said why not. LOL!

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