Reverse Boxes

Some high end products run huge risks of not producing enough value for the price of the boxes they're in.  Because of this, I prefer bargain hunting and doing reverse boxes of products.

Here's the most recent reverse boxes I've put together.

2014 National Treasures
Cost of 1 Hobby Box: $425
Each box contains 8 total cards including (4 autographs, 1 book, 3 additional auto/relic/gem card)
What I got for $425

2014 Topps Triple Threads
Cost of 1 Hobby Box: $190
Each box contains 14 cards including 2 autographs, 2 relics, and 4 parallels
What I got for $190 (finished with 2 boxes worth of cards for less than $190)

Base Cards
Alvarez, Cole, McCutchen, Polanco, Piazza (ok technically I didn't complete the base card challenge, but I'm sure I can find some cheap base cards to say I did it if I really wanted to spend the money just for trade bait.)

McCutchen (emerald /250)
Clemente (emerald /250)
Polanco (gold /99)
McCutchen (Gold /99)
Alvarez (Gold /99)
Alvarez (Amethyst /325)
Cole (gold /99)
Cole (amethyst /325)

Rookie Autograph
Polanco (/100) 

Triple Relic:
Beltre/Alvarez/Sandoval "Hot Corner" /36
Cutch/Bautista/Cespedes "Pure" /27

Triple Auto/Relic:
Lambo (Emerald /50)

Autographed Jumbo Relic
Marte (emerald /50)
Grilli (prime patch /10)

Unity Jumbo Relic:
Cole /27 & /36

2014 Topps Tribute
Each box Sold for $185
Each box contained 4 numbered autographs and 2 numbered relics along with 12 base cards
Jason Grilli 1/1 Insciption "Grill CHeese" AUTO
Jason Grilli 29/40
Starling Marte 23/25

3 Pink autos up for trade (Gregorius, Heyward, Raines)

Game Used Baseball 7/10 MLB Debut

Jersey Relic 65/99

2013 Topps Tribute
Each Box Sold for $200-$250 upon release
Each box contained 3 autographs and 4 hits
3 Autographs $54.49
2013 Topps Tribute Starling Marte Sepia AUTO 18/35
Starling Marte sepia
numbered 10/35
Cost $28.50 shipped
2013 Topps Tribute CJ Wilson AUTO 43/99
CJ Wilson
numbered 43/99
Cost $11 shipped
2013 Topps Tribute Gary Sheffield AUTO 22/24
Gary Sheffield stickered auto
numbered 22/24
Cost $14.99 shipped

4 Relics $69.79
My reverse box was a Pirates hot box. It even contained 4 relics
2013 Tribute Retired Remnants BAT 88/99
Roberto Clemente Retired Remnants
numbered 88/99
Cost $31.24
2013 Tribute Retired Remnants GOLD 10/15 Jersey Willie Stargell
Willie Stargell Retired Remnants Gold
numbered 10/15
Cost $20.41
2013 Tribute to the Stars 68/99
Andrew McCutchen Tribute to the Stars Jersey Relic
numbered 68/99
Cost $12.99
2013 Tribute to the Stars 31/99

Jose Bautista Tribute to the Stars
numbered 31/99
Cost $5.15

Base Cards
Andrew McCutchen $1.45

Willie Stargell $1.50

Rather than spending money for the actual base cards, I just estimated them at $1.50 a piece.
22x$1.50 = $33
So to recap
3 Autos (1 Sepia) $54.49
4 Relics (one gold) $69.79
24 Base Cards $36 (estimate)
$150.28 for 4 hits that I actually wanted and 3 autographs of players I actually like.  This equated to $100 less than the price of the actual box.  Um....yeah, I think I'll stick to buying singles of high end products.

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