Friday, December 2, 2016

Time to move on?

It's been a long time since I made a post.
There are many reasons for that, mostly my collecting habits have grown stale. I am no longer looking to add as many Pirates parallels, autographs, and possibly worn relics I can find.

It used to be fun for me to prospect the Pirates, find loads of Evan Meek cards and Ian Snell autographs. It's not fun anymore. Austin Meadows and Kevin Kramer low numbered autographs are selling for more than a Robrrto Clemente rookie. That's stupid!

Collect what you want to collect, right?

For a longtime I considered myself a Supercollector of Charlie Morton. While my Morton collection is still very strong, I lost a lot of interest once hewas traded to the Phillies.

In the absence of grabbing EVERY Charlie Morton card, my collection has almost exclusively shifted to adding new Andrew McCutchen cards. Cutch is the single most defining player I have ever collected.

To put into perspective how intense my Cutch PC has gotten over the past several seasons, I now have more unique cards of Cutch (1,380) than he has MLB hits (1,304). If he wasn't a 5 time All-Star, 4 time Top5 MVP candidate, 4 time Silver Slugger Winner, 2013 MVP, 2012 Golden Glove Winner, 2015 Roberto Clemente Award Winner, etcetc etc I would say it's no big deal.

But here's The Truth!

Cutch is a big deal.
He will return to being an elite player next a Pirates uniform or not.

I stated above that I am changing my collecting habits and because of that I am doing away with this blog.

Please follow me at my new blog Collecting Cutch. That is where all my future posts will be made as I am strictly looking to only Collect Cutch going forward and maybe one day fill in the holes of my vintage needs.

Below is my most recent Cutch addition

 Triple booklet, jumbo patch 1/1 with 2 Team Logo sleeve patches of Jung Ho Kang and Gerrit Cole along with the P from the Pirates 71 Throwback jerseys.


  1. Never say never, perhaps one day the doors to the treasure room will open once again. I've added your new blog to my blogrolls.

    1. Thanks for adding my new blog. I am just losing interest in the other players on the Pirates.

  2. Wow! That triple booklet is AMAZING! Adding your new blog to my blog roll,

    1. Thanks Daniel. I've got some other amazing cards to add soon too.

  3. I understand-I actually reversed it-went from focusing on Yadier Molina to the Redbirds in general-even football, hockey, and basketball. This was because Yadie cards were getting way, way too expensive-can't wait to read more on 'cutch. He is one player that I keep cards of, he has been a great player to watch and seems to be a great guy too.

    1. Thanks for following the blog. As a divisional rival, Yadi is one guy I respect the hell out of. Keep reading my new blog

  4. I've considered narrowing down my collecting interests as well. Look forward to reading your Cutch post on the other blog.

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