Wednesday, September 7, 2011


A couple days ago I thought I was going to be celebrating my 30th birthday in the dark, because I was still without power for the 8th day thanks to Hurricane Irene.  My girlfriend told me that because our post office was closed for a couple days I may not have my birthday gift for a couple more days.  No big deal.  Shortly after that, the power came back on and all seemed right with the world.

Well today I got the present I was hinted about.  It was in a tiny box so I suspected some kind of random cards of Cutch or Doumit for my PC.  Boy was I pleasantly surprised when I opened up and saw this.

My reaction was "Are you f&*#ing kidding me?" I was stunned.  Jameson Taillon autos go for quite a bit of money, but a dual auto with Bryce Harper. HOLY SHIT! This card is so awesome, I had to show the back too.


I also got these 2 Bat relic cards of Dave Parker & Bill Madlock

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  1. DAMN!

    Nice! What a fantastic girlfriend you've got :)