Friday, January 11, 2013

CUTCHing up on where I've been

I've been gone for a little over 6 months. A lot has happened in my life to say the least.  There were times that I was even contemplating suicide because of how bad things were getting.  But through the strength of friends and family I pulled through. I'm ready to get back to the blogging world of trading cards.  However, I doubt I will ever return to daily updates nor will I ever attempt to run a contest as insane as the Let's Go Bucs contest last year. 

I have thought out a new idea for a contest to root for the Bucs in the coming season so that the Pirates don't hit the legal drinking age of 21 consecutive losing seasons.  Any suggestions are appreciated though.

So enough chatter, let's see some cards.

Of course I will start off with the Treasure Room's blog hero...Andrew McCutchen.
I've added a few new Cutch cards to my collection, but the majority of what is shown below was purchased before things went south for me.

First up are a pair of printing plates.  1/1 printing plates are nice to have. 1/1 printing plate autos are nicer.  The 2012 Tribute is the magenta plate while the 2010 Triple Threads is the Cyan plate.  You may remember from previous entries that I already have the black plate of the 2010 Triple Threads Rising Stars.  I'm half way to making my own Cutch cards.
 Next up is another printing plate of Cutch.  This one is from 2011 Bowman.  I don't remember how much I paid for this, but I remember it was much cheaper than I thought it would end up being.
2011 Gypsy Queen Auto/Relic number 14/25.  I was after this card for what seemed like forever.  It kept eluding me everytime it popped up for sale.  I'm happy to never have to try to track this down again.
The Museum Collection framed autos are some of the nicest autographs I have ever seen.  If you ever get a chance to own one of a player you like you have to take that opportunity and purchase it.  This beauty below is numbered 7/15.

This here? Well this is only my 53rd certified auto of Cutch.  53 CERTIFIED AUTOS!!!!
 My final Cutch update is from 2012 Topps Mini.  Check out his face as he's rounding the bases. 

Next up is the other blog hero, Jason Bay.

Check out the patch on this card! I have no idea what it's from though.  It doesn't look quite like the bat used on the Jolly Roger found on the sleeves of the Pirates jerseys.  I think I got this for under $7 if I remember correctly and it's numbered to only 99.
A nice dual jersey and auto from Upper Deck Black.  I have the basic auto of this card, but am happy to have added the dual jersey version to my collection too.

Here is a jersey card of the future ace of the Pirates pitching staff.

I am seriously contemplating buying a lot more Gerrit Cole cards before the price goes all Strasburg after he makes his debut, but they are already out of my price range so I think I will just pick them up when I get a chance.  The below manupatch of the Bradenton Marauders featuring Cole from 2012 Heritage Minors is just the type of card I hope to keep picking up for less than $10

Because all Pirates fans love prospecting, I picked up another Jose Osuna autograph for .99 +$1.50shipping.
Jose had a decent year as a 19 year old playing A ball.  He finished the year with 16 HR/72RBI/68Runs
His line .280/.324/.454 is very respectable for a 19 year Dominican player.  He has been quietly compared to Albert Pujols and looking at the stats I see why.
Below is Albert's line as a 20 year old playing at the same level

Now by no means do I think that in 2 years Jose Osuna will be hitting 30+HR at the major league level like Albert did at his age 21 season.  However, it is nice to have a bat like his beginning to develop for the 1B position. 


  1. Welcome back! If you're interested in a litle pre-season card wager on whether the Cubs or Pirates will be the NL Central cellar dwellers, let me know!

  2. I'm glad you didn't do anything crazy. Nice to have you back and blogging, and those are some gorgeous pick ups!

  3. Glad to see you posting again. Some beauties of Bucs you picked up there.

    Once you're feeling up to it, I have a big ol' stack of Pirates for you.

  4. Good to see you're back.

    I was just wondering who would stop the Cubs from finishing last in the division now that the Astros are in the AL. Careful if you make a bet with Once a Cub, because I don't see anyone else robbing the Cubs of finishing in 5th place for a 4th consecutive year.

  5. Glad to see your return to the blogosphere! Daily, weekly, monthly, or anually I really enjoy your posts! Awesome cards!

  6. From one Pirate fan to another, it's great to see you back and hope everything is better. Awesome looking cards!

  7. good to see you are ok. looking forward to seeing some more great bucs cards, including some ivan dejesus jr ones!

  8. ...and here I thought this blog was coming to an end. Glad to see it'll be continuing in some fashion. BTW, love those Printing Plates!

  9. Good to see your back. You have a masterful McCutchen autograph collection. 53!?!

  10. welcome back, welcome back welcome back welcome back.

  11. Glad to see you back again ! Hope all goes well !

  12. Great to have you here again!