Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A pair of Uniques

Topps Unique was a unique card line (pun intended).  To my knowledge it didn't offer anything special that hadn't been done before.  It would have been a great idea if Topps released a whole line of cards showing players in alternate uniforms like the 1st card in this post which was a subset called Unique Unis.

Instead all the base cards were a lot like what you see above.  These "base" cards were all numbered, mine being 487/1199.

The above two cards are my latest Andrew McCutchen additions.

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  1. Topps might have something with their Unique line. I really like that unique uniforms subset. What if they produced a set that was based on a bunch of subsets: unique haircuts, unique superstitions, unique record holders, unique tattoos, etc.

    It's been years since they produced this set... and in all honesty... I'm not a fan of flooding the market with sets. But if they put out a Unique set every five years... I think that would be pretty cool.