Monday, November 18, 2013

McCutchen Mondays: 2013 Hometown Heroes Sportsdiscs

I remember playing with Sportflix as a kid and later on those 7-11 discs found on the bottom of slurpee cups.  I used to love scratching them as if they were records and I was a hiphop superstar.  Panini recently put out a set of cards called Hometown Heroes and had an insert set called Sportsdiscs.  They are round circular cards and feature some of today's best players on them.

The backs of the cards have very basic stats
With so few oddball cards on the market today, if you are a player collector, you need to check and see if your player has one of these sportdiscs in the 2013 Hometown Heroes set.  They're awesome!!!!  And usually pretty cheap too.

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