Thursday, February 20, 2014

I say hello, you say goodbye

Hello, hello to my latest addition to the Pacers PC.
Say goodbye to the man depicted on this piece of autographed cardboard.

The Pacers have traded former All-Star Danny Granger to the 76ers in exchange for Evan Turner and LaVoy Allen.  I really like this trade a lot.  Evan Turner could become a much better shooter when he's surrounded by other talented shooters like Paul George, David West, George Hill, Roy Hibbert, and Lance Stephenson.  I really think this trade will help push the Pacers towards becoming the Eastern Champs.

The above card was recently purchased for $13 delivered and is my first Pacers auto in my collection.  It reminds me of the classic Beam Team inserts from the early-mid 90s like the Reggie Miller I showed off earlier in the month.

I have several more Pacers autos on the way including a really nice one of my current favorite basketball player.


  1. Haven't really followed basketball in years... but back then, Granger was a beast of a baller.

    1. Yeah Granger was awesome but I like having Turner more for the playoffs. Granger's health is too big a question