Thursday, February 27, 2014

My first AJ Relic

I really wanted Topps to make an AJ Burnett relic card in a Pirates uniform at some point over the past two seasons.  Unfortunately that never happened.  I really liked having AJ as a member of the Bucs.  He was extremely competitive and even when he didn't have his best stuff or felt like he was getting squeezed by the umpires, he continued to battle on the mound.  I'm going to miss AJ being a member of the rotation this year and think that he will greatly miss the defensive shifts the Pirates put on last year, which will inevitably make his numbers revert back to "normal".

Above is my first AJ relic I have purchased.  It features 8 members of the Florida Marlins Teammate Timelines.  The card is double sided with 4 members on each side.

The card also comes with it's own certificate of authenticity.
In light of bad AJ showing up at the mound today for the Phillies, it made sense to show off this 8 relic card...

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