Sunday, February 16, 2014

My newest Jason Bay is Red

I recently bought a new printer and computer and am still trying to get used to all the apps and workings of this.  Hence, why my posts last week have been less frequent.  But....I did manage to buy a large lot of Jason Bay cards off ebay.  This was the highlight of the haul for me.

2011 Topps Chrome Red Parallel 14/25

A really nice looking red refractor from 2011 Topps Chrome of Jason Bay numbered 14/25.  It may have ran me $10 but is the first of many Jason Bay cards I have added to my collection over the past few weeks.  My goal was to get 36 new Bays by the end of the year and I have already come close to doubling that total.


  1. I always enjoyed buying Bay items. Even at his peak he never got super expensive. I still search for him quite a bit in hopes of finding a few things I've missed over the years.

    1. Also, I've been going through a lot of my stuff and finding some doubles. I know you are a Van Slyke guy. Found a few auto doubles of his. Do you last years Archives fan favorite auto?

    2. I need the Fan Favorite auto from last year. I will post some trade bait when I get back from vacation