Monday, February 6, 2012


I bought a blaster today at WalMart on my way home from the hospital and as I'm flipping through I got very excited.  I completed my 2012 Pirates Series 1 Team Set of the base cards.  I still need the Maz Walk-Off, the Neil Walker auto, McCutchen relics, and darn near all the Roberto Clemente cards, but I felt relieved.  The missing card to my team set was Rookie Jared Hughes.  I had seen Jared pitch in AA in 2010 and AAA in 2011 and I knew that one day he would be make it to the majors.  Jared is a tall righty (6ft7!) that throws low to mid 90s heat.  It feels good to just enjoy opening wax now not needing to complete any Pirates team sets anymore.  Now I can start to send out some TTM with spring training so close.

The Jared Hughes wasn't the only card that made me happy while opening up the box though.  I also got this retired numbers card of one of my favorite players as a kid, Frank Thomas.  The Big Hurt was incredible early into his career.  After the Pirates started to fall apart post the free agency of Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla, and Doug Drabek, I started to root for the White Sox and the hot corner duo of Frank Thomas and Robin Ventura.  To this day, the ChiSox are a close 2nd in terms of my favorite team. 

Here's some of the other gems of the blaster
 all blue parallels are available for trade
all cards except the JP Arencibia and 87minis are available for trade.

If anyone is looking for base, please let me know.  I am looking to unload all my nonPirates for practically nothing.



  2. I'd like to pick up the blue Drew Pomeranz. Would an 87 mini McCutchen get the job done?