Saturday, February 18, 2012

trade with Drews Cards

A couple days ago I received a package from Drews Cards.  This is my first time trading with Drew and he knocked this trade out of the park.

The two main cards that I wanted were this Freddy Sanchez 2008 UD Game Jersey and Jason Bay 2007 UD Masterpieces Stroke of Genius AUTO.  I'm up to 32 Jason Bay hits now. 

Drew didn't stop there though.  He threw in a plethora of Pirates for my collection, many of which I didn't already have.  Amongst the two team bags he sent the below cards.

To start off is this 1974 Dave Parker rookie card.  The Cobra is one of my favorite players of yesteryear that I never got to see play in person.  Watching highlight films of him and having the 1979 WS DVD though I can see why he was such an electrifying player in the 70s and 80s.  I don't have many cards from the 1974 set and am happy to be able to cross this one off my needs.  Thanks for this card Drew.  I flipped the heck out when I saw it in the pile.

For comedy reasons I will show the lack of quality control at our favorite sports cards manufacturers.  It frustrates me when card companies can't get the product right.  Who is Pat Maholm?  Why is Ronny Cedeno pictured on Jose Tabata's card?  C'mon Topps and Upper Deck. Get your shit together.  Fans notice this crap.  I've been wanting to add the "Tabata" card to my collection since I saw it on the sell list, but when I saw it on ebay and COMC with that bum Cedeno pictured I refused to ever buy that card for my "Tabata" collection.  Thanks to Drew I didn't have to buy it.  Now the question is do I organize it with my Tabata collection in a binder or file it with all the other bums that have played in Pittsburgh.  Yes Ronny Cedeno, I'm talking about you.

He also included 5 Ryan Doumit cards that I previously didn't have as part of my PC.  I love that mini.

I also got a handful of Jason Bay cards that I previously didn't own.  I'm hoping Bay has a bounceback year this year.  He was always such a great ball player and I would hate to see his career continue to regress in NY like so many other ex greats have had their careers die for the Mets. 

And finally here's some of my other favorites.  Even though Aki Iwamura was absolutely terrible for the Bucs in 2010, he did have a cool looking T206 card.  I've been wanting to add that Paul Maholm Gypsy Queen since GQ came out.  I never bought a single pack of Gypsy Queen because I didn't like the overall player selection.  The design is sweet though. 

He included many more cards, but do you guys really want to see the likes of Shawn Chacon, Tom Gorzelanny, Jack Wilson, and Jeff Karstens? Probably not, but you're going to have to deal with it.   
I'm sorry for the busted face grouping of these guys, but it just worked out that way.

Thanks again Drew for the great trade.  I'm looking forward to trading with you again.  I have a bunch more Jets if you want them including two more jersey cards (Braylon Edwards and Leon Washington).  I'll get them scanned for you sometime this week.

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  1. Glad you liked the stuff man! Can't wait to dump all my Burnett cards on you! Hahaha