Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Another Jameson Taillon AUTO?

I listed that I wanted to get up to 20 autographs of Jameson Taillon as part of my 2013 Collecting Goals.

This 2009 Upper Deck USA Baseball 18U Q&A AUTO gets me one step closer to completing that goal.  It marks my 13th unique auto of the future front line starting pitcher.
2009 UD USA 18U Q&A AUTO

With news of Doc Hallady being placed on the DL today, it made sense to show this card off.  There's a few variations out there for "Which pro ballplayer do you most admire"

I've seen some where Jameson has written a combination of any of the following players: Mariano Rivera, Josh Beckett, Roy Halladay, and Bryce Harper.  The Bryce Harper one really puzzles me because he wasn't even a pro athlete at that time.  Harper was just begining to gain recognition, but certainly wasn't the superstar he is today.  I wonder if since they're friends, Bryce told him to write that on a few of the cards.

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