Friday, May 10, 2013

I need an oPINion...

When I saw last year that Topps was producing pins of World Series Champions, I hoped that their would be some Pirates available.
2012 Topps World Series Pin Card 258/735
Series One brought me this sweet Clemente pin numbered 258/735 which I grabbed for $20
2012 Topps World Series Pin Card
Series Two brought me this un numbered Mazeroski pin that I picked up for $9.99 shipped.

Why wasn't there an update series Willie Stargell pin celebrating that famous "We are Family" team?  Topps loves Pops and often includes players like Bill Madlock and Dave Parker in their autograph and relic insert sets.

I'm starting to wonder if anyone still reads this blog, so if you do just leave a comment.


  1. There wasn't a Willie pin in Update because Topps' sucks.
    and I still read your blog!

  2. I read! Not a Pirates fan, but you always show some sweet cards.

  3. One of the great - well balanced teams - ever. Madlock, Phil Garner, Moreno, Bill Robinson, Candalaria, Blylevin, Bibby, Tekulve, plus of course POPS and Parker.

  4. of course I read it! I'm just lazy commenting sometimes.

  5. I read the blog! You have an amazing collection!