Sunday, September 14, 2014

Epic Moments in Pirates Cardboard History: September 14th A-Mays-Ing

Normally I would show off a football related card on Sundays during football season, but since the Steelers already got their asses kicked by the Ravens, I'm going to start a new feature called Epic Moments in Pirates Cardboard History.  When I come across cardboard of Pirates players that define a season, career, etc I will show them off....the first entry is none other than the self dubbed Tony Plush aka Nyjer Morgan

On this day in 2007, rookie Nyjer Morgan made an A-Mays-Ing catch that was reminiscent of Willie Mays.  The Bucs would go on to win the game 4-3 improving their record to 66-81.  The following night they would lose and go on to ensure their 15th straight losing season.  The above 2008 Topps Autograph ran me $2 delivered nearly a year ago.

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