Sunday, September 28, 2014

Football Sunday: Landry Jones Event Gloves

It's Sunday and that means one thing: FOOTBALL!!!!  The Steelers are playing the Buccaneers in week 4 and they should be able to improve their record to 3-1 on the young season.

One player who will not impact the game at all is sophmore player and 3rd string quarterback Landry Jones.  Jones was selected in the 4th round of the 2013 draft class.  He has struggled in his preseason opportunities with the team and has yet to dress for an official NFL game.

When the Steelers drafted Jones, they thought that he may one day succeed Big Ben as the Steelers QB of the future. He hasn't lived up to that hype and remains most likely a 4th round lottery ticket bust.

All that said, I really hope that Landry can catch on somehow and be given the opportunity to play in the NFL.  He's a devoted Christian and has a great video detailing his life and religious beliefs on the site

The card pictured above ran me a cool $8 delivered and is my first event worn glove card I own.  The stitching and three colors were too much to pass up for the price.

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  1. Clearly I spoke too soon about the game. What a tough loss