Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I like Ike

I recently got my first baseball card of Ike Davis as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball club.  It's not licensed so it's not a true Pirates card, but for $1.99, I'll take it.  Hailing from 2014 Donruss Series 2 this bat relic is my first relic of the lefty slugger 1st baseman.

When the Pirates acquired Ike back in April, the Pittsburgh fan base was extremely excited and even gave him a standing ovation during his first at bat in PNC Park (very classy).  He hasn't lived up to his breakout 2012 season when he clubbed over 30 Homeruns, but there is no denying his true power.  It's going to be an interesting offseason this year with the emergence of Josh Harrison battling for a batting title (and his natural position being 3B), Pedro Alvarez having injury issues and no idea where he is throwing the ball from 3B, and a platoon at 1B that is due to get a raise in arbitration for substandard numbers.

Given the true choice between Ike and Pedro at 1B I would rather stick with Ike.  He's not afraid to walk and I believe he plays a better 1B.


  1. It will be an interesting decision. I agree with you that Davis plays a good first base and gets on base more. I just don't see the Pirates cutting ties with Pedro. Hard to imagine a scenario where both are on the team next year. Do we non-tender Davis? We may be able to trade him, but we wouldn't get much. Our first base situation is a mess.

    1. As the Brewers' fan eyes your first base situation with envy...y'all want Lyle Overbay? Mark Reynolds?

    2. We already had the Overbay experience and lets just say it was underwhelming.

  2. I wish you guys nothing but the best with Davis. Glad the Mets washed their hands and got rid of him. I figured he'd have a pretty good year this year just because thats usually how the trades work with the Mets.