Monday, September 15, 2014

McCutchen Monday: Face to Face with Kershaw

Both the Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers are in playoff contention for the National League.  Both players also have MVP caliber performers on their team in Andrew McCutchen and Clayton Kershaw.

I recently came across a lot of Panini Elite Baseball inserts that included 2 copies of the card you see above.  They are numbered 775/999 and 165/999.  I don't have much of a need for two copies so if someone is interested in ONE of them please let me know by leaving a comment.  Sorry for the terrible cropping job, but it's late and I am too tired to go back and rescan the cards.

Unless the pitcher is just downright filthy with an ERA in the 1.00s with over 25 wins with double digit complete games I don't think that pitchers should be considered MVPs.  Don't get me wrong, without Kershaw the Dodgers probably aren't nearly as good as they are, but let's be real he plays in only 20% of the games and at best of those 20% of games he's only playing in 80% of the innings for those games.  Most position players perform in 150 games and often times for 9+ innings of those games.  If you completely disagree with me, feel free to leave a comment.

BTW...who do you think wins the NL MVP this year?  Could Cutch repeat?  Is Josh Harrison a possibility?

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