Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dual Auto of 2 Future Hall of Famers?

It's safe to say that the Pirates won't be having any recent retirees make the Hall of Fame. The Pirates best hope for a Hall of Famer already retired is for Dave Parker to get inducted via veteran's committee.

Andrew McCutchen certainly looks like he could have a Hall of Fame career if he continues his success for another decade though.

This got me thinking who in today's game has what it takes to make it to the HoF? Albert Pujols is a certain lock. Miguel Cabrera certainly has the credentials to make a case. Alex Rodriguez has the stats to back up his case, but there is a lot of off field drama with him.

Like many of you I gave up on baseball during the 94 strike. The HomeRun chase with Bonds, McGwire, and Sosa brought me back. I didn't fully commit to the hobby again though until Andrew McCutchen debuted in 2009.

That's when I really got back into baseball (both as a fanatic and card collector).  When I was younger my 2 positions I would often play were Pitcher and 3rd Base. Occasionally I would be asked to play CF if the team we were facing had a lot of sluggers. Because of that I have always gravitated towards those positions when picking my favorite players.

What I saw of King Felix and Adrian Beltre over the past 6 years since rejoining the hobby makes me believe these guys will one day be forever enshrined in Cooperstown after retirement.

Because of that I needed to pick up a dual auto of both them in their Seattle uniforms. King Felix has such an awesome signature, right?

Of the players currently in today's game who do you think will one day make it to the Hall of Fame?

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