Monday, July 27, 2015


 There was a lot of discussion about Johnny Cueto being on the trade block before the season and shortly after the season started.  One of my collecting goals for 2015 was to add a certified autograph of every Pirate who appeared in the 2013 Wild Card Blackout Game.  It would have been an unjustice to us the fans not to go after the guy who got PNC Park so amped for Buctober by chanting "Cue-To Cue-to Cue-to".  That game was the most memorable game in my life.  Pure awesomeness!

The above auto ran me $15 for the new Royals ace.
Another guy who was on the trade block was Pedro Alvarez. Pedro shows signs of absolute domination being able to crush the ball into the Alleghany River at will. He also shows month long levels of frustration of excess strikeouts and weak groundballs to the 2B. The Pirates are clearly willing to upgrade their 1B, but the obvious options available aren't all that inspiring. Maybe a huge salary risk like Prince Fielder could lead the Bucs to a Championship.

The above Pedro Alvarez 2014 Power Gold Foil ran me less than $5  delivered for the /75 card. These were prizes for unlocked codes from last year's Power Players cards.


  1. Getting rid of Pedro will be addition by subtraction. The defense has gotten so bad that we have to take him out if the game is within a couple of runs. The hard part will be finding a team to take him because the Pirates would probably have to non tender him during the offseason.

  2. The departure of the Reds ought to make them an easier team to beat for the Pirates in the second half if/when they try to make up ground between them and the Cardinals.

  3. Cool cards! Sad to see Cueto go but necessary for my Reds to start the rebuilding process. I hated that 2013 playoff game LOL. Cueto was rocked by those Pirates fans!