Friday, July 10, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #85: Another 1/1 Letter!!!!!

Ok, this is just starting to get silly right?  I've been showing off booklets and jumbo swatches, and prime patches, and autographs over the past month.  Well now I drop this hammer on y'all.

It's a 1/1 2014 Five Star Letter "C" from McCutchen's jersey.  It's my 5th letter of Cutch and my first C.  After acquiring this card, I thought it would be fun to spell out McCutchen using cards from various jerseys.  I currently have M C E N.  I also have an extra E.

Of all the cards of Cutch I have acquired thus far in 2015 for my pursuit of 100 new Cutch cards, I think this is the card I am most happy to own.

Yesterday I found out that my submitted best offer for a "U" from Tier One wasn't high enough so I will need to hope c C U T H pop up sometime again.