Monday, November 2, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #191 - 198: Some Massive New Additions to the Cutch PC

Here's a lot of some huge MOJO PC pickups. 

In my quest to add 100 new Cutch cards to the PC this year, I have become the go to guy for a person liquidating their collections.  This All-Star patch card from 2012 Triple Threads is fricking sick!!!!

In this lot is a group of jersey relics, triple threads relics, a rookie variant, a nice gold parallel, and this amazing manu relic from Gypsy Queen. 

How nice are these new additions?  If Harper becomes an MVP this year, it will feature the 3 most recent position players to win MVPs.  Braun 2012, Cutch 2013, Harper 2015?

I've been wanting to add a copy of this "Steel" since I saw it released in 2014, but never could acquire one cheap enough for my liking.
 Check out the tiny bit of yellow stitching on the grey swatch
My first die cut relic

Just your standard gold parallel from Topps Tribute.  This card looks beautiful in person. I'm going to build the rainbow of this card.

Another Cutch rookie parallel that I didn't have in my collection. This is the mahogany wood parallel from 2005 Bowman Heritage.

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