Friday, November 13, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #204: Seeing Red

I've been piecing together the 2015 Topps Gallery of Greats rainbow of Cutch for about a month and quickly completed it.  It feels great (no pun intended) to be able to finally complete a rainbow of Cutch. I've started a bunch, but have always missed out on the Superfractors whenever they pop up (which is almost never). 

Behold the power of red...

And here they all are together.
On a side note, it's not an official rainbow because I am sadly missing the base still.  With so many available in the $1 range, I'm hopeful that one day soon I can add a copy of it.


  1. The hardest part of completing a rainbow. Finding the willpower to spent a nearly 4 bucks on the base version (shipped) and testing your patience to see if better deals can come along.

  2. I am patiently hoping one pops up for $1 with free shipping or that I can add one at my local mall's December card show