Sunday, November 15, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #207: Trip Trip Triple Threads

My quest to add 100 new Andrew McCutchen cards to my PC this year was surpassed at the season's All-Star game.  I added another 100 new Cutch cards over the course of 3 months after it thanks to some large lots. 

I absolutely love the design for 2015 Triple Threads and I have been adding as many as possible to the PC. If I show off only 1 Cutch card that I've purchased in 2015 each day, it will bleed into 2016. I am very proud of how much my Cutch PC has improved this year.


  1. That Tier One is quite a pretty card.

  2. It sure is a pretty Triple Threads. It has that Tier 1 look to it tho