Tuesday, November 10, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #201: Another 1/1 Red Paper Bowman

Yesterday, I showed off my very first 1/1 Superfractor of Cutch.  It marked a string of recent 1/1 purchases I have been making of Cutch lately.  Today, I am going to show off my 31st 1/1 of Cutch I have added to the PC this year.  Overall, I sit at 61 1/1s of Cutch.  Yup 61!!!!

Way back in February I showed my 1/1 red paper parallel from 2012 Bowman that had been slightly damaged in the mail en route to my house.  In my recent Ash Kethum, gotta "catch em all" craze to grab any Andrew McCutchen cards, I came across the 2013 Bowman 1/1 red paper for $50. 

The paper parallels sell for a considerable amount less than the chrome parallels, but when putting together the rainbows, they are just as impressive.

Surprisingly I still need a handful of the 2013 Bowman paper cards to complete the rainbow.  Now that I have gotten the hardest one to acquire, the rest should be fairly easy to check off.

Join me tomorrow as I show off another 1/1 to the PC.

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