Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5 more Andrew McCutchen jersey pieces

I got a super sweet mail day today when I saw 2 bubble mailer packages in the mail with my name on it.  I decided to add to my Andrew McCutchen relic/auto PC even more by picking up 2 cards not previously in my collection.  When Topps Marquee hit, I was starting to get very sick and didn't get many cards from the set until I was fully healthy and back to working.  However, I could only afford some of the less expensive hits of the Pirates (i.e. no Cutch).  I got the solo sigs of Neil Walker and Jose Tabata along with a few Tabata Acclaimed Impressions, but I really wanted those rare McCutchen cards numbered to 10.  They're continuing to escape me and it frustrates the piss out of me.

However, I have finally been able to pick up 2 Marquee Auto & Relic cards of the face of the Pirates franchse, Andrew McCutchen. 

This card of Cutch features his jersey number as part of the serial numbering aka an ebay 1/1.  I like the design of these Acclaimed Impressions cards a lot.  Very classy look.  Good job Topps!
This one was picked up for half the price of the above card, because it has twice as many made.  I'm not quite sure why the 3 piece relic/auto cards are numbered to 150, while the 2 piece cards are numbered to 70.  Every card numbered to 150 of McCutchen has a piece of a patch (name plate or jersey number?) on it.  This makes me want to get more.  Then I realize, there's really no point. 

So all in all I got 5 jersey pieces and 2 autos of my favorite player.  Yup, today was a good mail day.

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