Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PTR says goodbye to a few good Bucs

This past year's trade deadline didn't include statements of "cutting payroll" or "rebuilding" mode.  Instead at the trade deadline the Pirates were only a few games back (3 if I remember correctly) of the 1st place Milwaukee Brewers and acquired 2 veteran presences in Derrek Lee and Ryan Ludwick.  Both were brought in to provide a spark to one of baseball's worst offenses especially in the middle of the lineup. 

Had the Pirates not been competing for the playoffs at the trade deadline, Paul Maholm most certainly would have been dealt for a B level prospect.  Paul was having one of the best first seasons of his career, but finished losing every game after the trade deadline and going on the DL for the first time in his career. 

Paul Maholm's option of $9.5 million for 2012 was declined (rightfully so, I might add) and became a free agent.  He stated time and time again that he was hoping to stay in Pittsburgh and liked the direction of the team.  He asked for a contract extension multiple times prior to the season and even during the season.  The Pirates were not able to come to terms with Paul.  Yesterday, Paul signed a 1 year contract with division rival Chicago Cubs for $4.7 million.  I wish Paul the best of luck in the windy city and hope that he can come back to the Pirates in 2013.  He was a great supporter of the city and helped many charities in Pittsburgh during his career in Steel City. 

Here's a few Paul Maholm cards that I own that were not previously posted.  Enjoy!

 2005 Bowman Futures Game Jersey #BDP127
2004 Bowman Signs of the Future

 2004 Topps Pristine 494/499
2006 Upper Deck Special Endorsements AUTO

Also, I learned that "the invisible man" Pedro Ciriaco signed a minor league deal with the Boston Red Sox.  Why was he called the invisible man, you ask?  Well, it seemed like Pedro was called up and down from AAA more times than he had plate appearances in 2011.  He was on the 25 man roster for almost the whole season, but managed only 33 plate appearances. 
He finishes his Pirate career with
a .333 batting average
1 RBI per every 5.57 plate appearances
an OPS of .863
and a career fielding percentage of .969 at the shortstop position while having a 1.000 percentage in OF, 3B, and 2B. 

Call me crazy, but that sounds like Hall of Fame numbers.  I actually really liked Pedro a lot.  I thought that he wasn't given a fair shot in Pittsburgh and that he could be the Tim Tebow of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  When he was on the field, they always found a way to win.  There was at least 3 games last year, where the Pirates won solely because of something miraculous he did whether it was pinch running and sliding so hard it broke up a double play to extend the inning which ended with a game winning HR, or ripping a double down the line off a very good closer while pinch hitting, or making a diving catch to end the game.  He just found ways to contribute.  Best of luck to him as well in his new career with Boston.  Pictured below is his 2011 Topps Heritage rookie blank back 1/1 purchased directly from the Topps Vault

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  1. I will be keeping an eye on probably the AA team this year. My son's team has Jason Erickson working with them now before spring training. He was in Bradenton last year and will hopefully make the Altoona Curve roster this year. My son is becoming a Bucs fan because of him and Willie Stargell.