Friday, January 13, 2012

Oooohhhhh it's shiny

I just received my 38th Andrew McCutchen hit in the mail today that I had won on ebay a short time ago.  This diamond parallel of the 2011 Topps Update All Star Stitches Andrew McCutchen is numbered 49/60.  The seller hadn't mentioned that it was the numbered parallel in the title so that was a bonus for me when I won it for less than $10.  I've included a scan of the base too since I had not shown that in any previous posts.

Cutch was a late addition to the All-Star game when it was announced that Ryan Braun would not be able to participate due to an injury.  There was a lot of unfriendly words thrown between Pirates manager Clint Hurdle and Giants and NL All-Star Manager Bruce Boschy saying that he was snubbed out of the game.  At the time, McCutchen had better numbers or comparable to many other outfielders who were added to the NL team.  Cutch got one plate appearance which he hit a check swing soft roller back to the mound for an out.  Defensively not a single ball was hit near him.

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