Thursday, January 26, 2012

Card store pickups: Cutch, Cobra, and Charlie

I swung by my local card store today and picked up a handful of cards for a grand total of $6.15
Here's my pickups.  It's not much, but it's all for the player collections I have.

Up first for .75 is the Charlie Morton 2011 Topps Cognac parallel.  Not much can be said for this card other than, it's kinda shiny.  I'm not a huge fan of these parallels, but they look good for the Pirates because of the shades of gold and black that refract off it.

Then there's the $2.00 Andrew McCutchen 2009 Upper Deck rookie card.  This card has escaped me for too long and for a couple bucks I decided to take the plunge.

Now the highlight of the trip was getting this bat relic of Dave Parker from 2003 Topps Fan Favorites.  For $3, how could I pass up a bat relic of the Cobra, Dave Parker?  It's simple....I couldn't.

Factor in 7% sales tax and that's $6.15
All in all, a good haul.

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