Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ebay 1 of 1s

Back in September, I went on a bidding spree on the bay to get as many of the 2011 Topps Marquee Pirates AUTOs I could get my hands on.  I came out with 3 Jose Tabatas, 2 Neil Walkers, and a Andrew McCutchen/Jose Tabata dual auto.  I managed to even get 2 "Ebay 1/1"s.  Below is the Jose Tabata/Andrew McCutchen dual on card auto numbered 1/15.

And here is Jose Tabata dual jersey/Auto numbered 31/200. The reason this is an "Ebay 1/1" is because it features his jersey number.  Oddly enough, the seller didn't realize this on the listing and I got it for a steal of like $10.

I think it's clever and deceptive that sellers list jersey numbers, first in print, last in print run, birth year, etc. as being a 1/1.  While it certainly gets more people to look at the item, it's got to make the seller seem like they have no integrity by calling it a 1/1.  I don't place any added value on if a card is a first or last in print or if it has their jersey number.  To me, the card is still just a card. 

Does anyone out there truly try to get any of these Ebay 1/1s when collecting or are you like me and just not care about the numbering?

Here's the other Jose Tabatas I picked up with no significant numbering at all.


  1. Nice pick ups! I think Andrew McCutchen has one of the sweetest signatures.

  2. I don't go looking for eBay 1/1s....I mean, it would be cool to own a Kemp #'d 27/something, a Kershaw 22/something, a Russ Martin 55/something.

    But I won't drop an extra twenty or thirty bucks on a card to make that happen. Maybe $5-$10 if it's a card I really want to begin with and it's super short-printed.

  3. I don't chase them/won't shell out any extra cash for them, but I have stumbled onto a couple, one via trade and one for less than a dollar on COMC.