Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1/2 way to making my own baseball cards

Last night Jeff and Greg  made a joke of how I am going to embark on a reprint business because of my extensive number of printing plates I've been picking up lately.  Here's 4 more!

I saw some Luis Heredia 2012 Bowman printing plates on ebay fairly cheaply and decided to pick up 2 of the 4 plates available.  I'm now half way to making my own cards.

Here's the black printing plate numbered 1 of 1.  Picked this one up for $19.99

And here's the yellow that I bought for $14.01 shipped.

Now I just need the cyan and magenta

Similarly I saw 2 Andrew McCutchen 2012 Archives printing plates so now I have half the plates of the Andrew McCutchen 2012 Topps Archives cloth sticker insert.

These two cards were picked up for $46 total.

These are the cyan and magenta printing plates used to make the cloth sticker insert of Cutch.

Not only are printing plates extremely rare since they are all 1 of 1s, but they are also quirky enough that people who don't collect cards think they're unique.  For instance a friend of mine who doesn't collect cards saw a Willie Stargell bat relic I have and wasn't phased, but having two printing plates side by side impressed him enough to say "that's awesome"


  1. Black and yellow plate are so sweet. Nice pickups! Print me out something nice.

  2. Real nice plates! I still need to pick up my first one.