Friday, June 8, 2012

Feels like something magical is happening in Buctown

The Pirates kicked off the series with the Royals with a 4-2 victory.  Heads up baserunning again played a huge part in this ball game.  Rod Barajas was able to score from second on a single by Clint Barmes on a ball hit to left field.  Rod is huge guy and looks like a locomotive trying to get started when running the bases.  The throw had beaten Rod to the plate, but with cat like reflexes dodged the tag by Quintero, then crawled to homeplate to avoid a second tag. 

Another heads up play was when Jose Tabata got picked off first base with Pedro Alvarez on 3rd.  Tabata was able to keep the fielders distracted long enough in a rundown for Pedro to score. 

It looks like something magical is happening in Pittsburgh at the start of this summer as the Bucs keep winning series after series and opening with series wins.

I found this video on youtube today when checking out the comments section in
I highly encourage you to watch this video.  It's really well put together and will make you believe in the Bucs in 2012. 

The song was actually used a lot for promos during the early 90s when the Pirates were heading into the post season year after year thanks to their All-Star loaded lineups of Bonds, Van Slyke, Bonilla, Drabek.

What's amazing about this video is that it features Chris Resop's fist pump striking out Ryan Ludwick when he picked up his 2nd career save in last night's extra inning affair with the 1st place Reds.  Resop was the last available pitcher for the Pirates in a seesaw battle with the Reds.  The video also features Tabata's shotgun throw from right field to nail Joey Votto at home which proved to be a game saving run.

Since this is a baseball card blog first and foremost, here's an Andrew McCutchen dual auto with Royals CF Lorenzo Cain (currently on the DL) numbered 6/25.  It marks my 5th Cutch dual auto just minors auto.

To recap here's my other Cutch dual autos
 Cutch with Cole Hamels

Cutch with Gio Gonzalez

Cutch with Pirates 1st round draft pick Daniel Moskos

Cutch with Jason Heyward


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