Thursday, June 14, 2012

Large Pirate Collection Update with a SICK CUTCH PATCH!

It's been a while since I have done a major update and looking at the stack of my cards needing to be scanned, I'd say it's way overdue. 

The Pirates got swept by the Orioles this week.  The team is now just 2 games above .500 as they continue to face off against interleague opponents for most of June.  The only team in baseball close to the Pirates consecutive losing season streak entering this year was the Orioles.  I really wanted to sweep those damn birds.
2008 UD Premier Combos (dual patch) 22/25 Jason Bay & Nick Markakis

Jason Bay hit a HR for the Mets today.  It's nice to see him starting to find his swing again.  I don't remember how much I bought the dual patch card above for during the offseason, but I think it was under the price of a blaster and was part of a lot of other Markakis/Bay base cards.  Basically it was the hit of a pack of duplicate Bay/Markakis filled packs.  I'm good with that.
The Pirates have continued to sign many of their top 10 draft picks.  Some of the most interesting include supplemental round pick Barrett Barnes, second rounder prep catcher Wyatt Mathieson, and third rounder prep pitcher Jon Sandfort.  In addition to those three included are college seniors Jake Stallings, Pat Ludwig, and Eric Wood.  The Pirates have saved roughly half a million dollars on underslot signings in this draft class so far.  This means the Pirates can offer above slot money to Mark Appel or 11th round and later draft picks.  Personally, I don't think that Appel should be offered too much more than 3.1 million.  If the Pirates go above their draft pool they risk losing a pick next year.  Appel as good as he is isn't a once in a generation pitcher worth losing that type of risk over.
Mark Appel 2011 Bowman Sterling USA Dual Jersey Xfractor 170/199 purchased for $7
Let's hope the Bucs sign Appel for slot prior to the signing deadline.

The most depressing news for the Bucs today is that Charlie Morton who had a breakout season last year through the first half underwent Tommy John surgery.
2008 Bowman Sterling Gold Refractor 17/50 purchased for $0.99
 Morton was placed on the DL earlier in the month and stated that he felt fine on numerous occasions during his workouts to rehab.  This is a huge blow to the Pirates starting rotation.  With Jeff Karstens already on the DL, and Brad Lincoln struggling in his spot starts the Pirates will most likely have to call up a starter from AAA.
2012 Bowman Chrome AUTO and Redemption AUTO purchased with printing plate below for $24.73
Jeff Locke 2012 Bowman Magenta Printing Plate 1/1 purchaed with lot above

Last year, when the Pirates faced starting rotation depth issues, they called upon Jeff Locke (who like Morton was traded from the Braves for Nate McLouth).  I would love for the Pirates to call up Jeff Locke again this year.  He is a top 10 prospect in the Pirates organization and projects as a back end of the rotation starter.  The Pirates could use some stability in the back end of the rotation right now.

From depressing news to great news.
Many analysts are saying that at this point in the season, Andrew McCutchen is putting up MVP level numbers.
Topps Museum AUTO/Logo Patch 8/10
I've talked about getting the Pirates logoman on cardboard before and picked up this super sick auto/jersey Topps Museum card for an amount I would rather not talk about.  Let's just say it went into triple digits. 

The Pirates lost the series to the Orioles and will go to face off against the Cleveland Indians in Cleveland for the weekend.  The cards available for this contest are some of my better offerings.

How about a 1961 Golden Press Tris Speaker, and 3 jersey relics?  CC Sabithia, Ellis Burks, and Jim Thome ought to be nice for this series.  3 game series, 4 cards.



  1. Lets go Bucs beat the Tribe.

  2. Let's go Bucs! Beat the Tribe!

  3. That Cutch is sweet, and the dual Bay/Markakis ain't too shabby either!

    and Let's Go Bucs! Beat the Tribe!

  4. great premier combos card, grats with the pick-ups. let's go Bucs!!

  5. FYI, I've got an Appel Topps Chrome refractor auto /199 that I was holding thinking the Astros picked him. Let me know if you might be interested, you know, if Boras decides to let him sign...

  6. LET'S GO BUCS!!!

  7. SHAZAM!!! That was ugly vs. the O's. But a new day a new series!
    Let's go Bucs! Beat up on the Tribe!

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