Sunday, June 3, 2012

Contest Winnings for Brewers Series & 2 Autograph Card pickups

On this day in Pirates history
Mississippi State Bulldog southpaw Paul Maholm was drafted in the first round of 2003.
Maholm would go on to win 53 games with the Bucs including the most wins in the history of PNC Park.  He's currently with the Cubs on a 1 year deal with an option for a second year.
The above Clear Path to Greatness Auto cost me $1.28 shipped.  It will likely be my last Maholm autograph I choose to pickup since I now have 3 autographs of him.

To recognize the MLB Draft tomorrow, I thought I should show off the first and second round draft picks from the 2011 draft.  I didn't even know this card existed until Greg sent me an email giving me the heads up about one popping up on ebay.  The card is numbered out of 25 and features autographs of Gerrit Cole and Josh Bell.  The dual auto ran me a pricey $55 shipped, but some copies of the card have sold for up to $90.  I really like the basic design of this card, but it sure would be nice if there could be team logos on these guys. 

I've talked about Cole fairly recently and how he's likely going to earn a promotion to AA soon since he's currently leading many pitching categories in the Florida State League.

Josh Bell, the powerful switch hitting corner outfield prospect has been out most of the season after tearing the meniscus in his knee in late April.  The 19 year old had a batting average of .274 with 11 RBI and 1 HR in his 15 games before the injury.  The Pirates organization does expect Bell to recover before the season is over.

The Pirates just wrapped up beating the Brewers 6-5 to win the series.  The team when having 10 or more hits in a game are now 11-0 in 2012.  Not to mention that the team improves to 20-0 when winning after the 7th inning.  Jason Grilli and Joel Hanrahan continue to be 2 of the game's best setup man/closer act in the majors.

Since the Bucs won, someone will get a choice of a Paul Molitor/Alan Trammel 1978 Topps rookie card or a 2011 Bowman Sterling Taylor Jungmann Auto.

Let's see who our winner is shall we
 It was a 3 game series
 so I had to randomize it 3 times
to determine that Spiegel won the contest.
Molitor/Trammel 1978 rookie or Jungmann Auto
Choose your card Spiegel

The Pirates have an off day Monday, then will face the Reds in Cincinnati. 
How does a Barry Larkin jersey card sound for the winner of that contest?  You guys interested in that?
Let's Go Bucs!  Beat those Reds (again)!

Don't forget to check out my 2012 Archives blaster I opened  earlier today to see if there's anything you're interested in.

BTW...Diamond King I need your address to send out your Frank Robinson relic and Joe Morgan 1975 Topps.


  1. let's go bugs! i am still not a fan of the reds, even though they aren't in the nl west.

  2. bugs. i meant bucs. damn you auto correct.

  3. Reds will leave pink. Go Bucs Go!

  4. Thanks! I will choose the Molitor/Trammel card. Lets go Bucs!

  5. Go Bucs! Better dead than red.

  6. Oh yeah, here comes 2 wins in a row! Let's go Bucs!

  7. Let's go Bucs! Beat those Reds!