Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jason Bay to return tonight

According to Anthony DiComo of, Jason Bay is likely to return to the Mets lineup tonight against the Nationals.  Bay has been plagued with injuries since signing with the Mets in 2010.  He's been on the DL with a broken rib. 
It's going to be nice to see Jason start to get regular playing time when he returns.  He'll likely be inserted back into his home in left field and bat somewhere around the middle of the lineup.  The Mets have been playing well without Bay. 

My Jason Bay hits collection currently sits at 90!!!!
Another player that has had to deal with injuries a lot over the past couple seasons is Justin Morneau.  It wasn't too long ago that he was an MVP for the AL.  However in his 2010 and 2011 seasons combined he has only played 150 games.  The Twins despite having a healthy Justin Morneau recently have not been playing well all season since his return from the DL.  I manage to pick up the dual auto 4 jersey swatch 2007 UD Black card above for $20 off the bay.  This brings my Jason Bay dual auto total to 5. 

I finally got myself a Jason Bay booklet.  It's kinda lame and not very thick, but it features a patch of JB.  It's numbered out of 99.  The seller also included the below card for free because he incorrectly showed it in the auction, but didn't mention it was included.
So I got both of these Pirates Dynasty Foundation booklets for $18.
The booklet also features Willie Stargell, Bill Mazeroski, Jack Wilson, and Craig Wilson.  it would be really nice to fin a booklet with all 5 relics on it.  That sounds a bit more expensive though.

I picked up this 2006 Bowman Buyback Original AUTO off COMC a few months back for $15.  I'm not a huge fan of buyback encased cards, but this one is Jason Bay's jersey number (38) when he was with the Bucs.  Besides it was cheaper than buying a blaster.

This was a card I had sitting in my needs to be scanned pile for quite some time.  It's a quad jersey card featuring Andruw Jones, Alfonso Soriano, Jason Bay, and Alex Rios.  Not a single player pictured on this card is still with their same team from 2006.  This was had rather cheaply if I remember.  I think it was around $12 or so. 

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