Friday, June 7, 2013

Black Friday McCutchen Auto

Since it's Friday and it's been just a few days since I showed off an Andrew McCutchen card, how about if I show you another Andrew McCutchen autograph?

The seller didn't even list auto in the description.  I swear sometimes collecting for your hobby can become a full time job.  But if you want to get steals, you have to do your homework.  This 2012 Black Friday Cracked Ice autograph was picked up a few months ago for around $8 if I remember correctly.

I know it was under $10.  The print run on the cracked ice NON AUTO is /25.  From a few sources I have seen these are /5, but they aren't numbered.

No matter what the print run, this brings me close to 60 certified autographs of Cutch now.

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