Monday, June 10, 2013

McCutchen Monday: Dual AUTO Gerrit Cole & Cutch Franchise All-Stars

My current favorite player in baseball today is Andrew McCutchen.  Quite honestly, he might be my favorite player I've ever gotten a chance to see play. I currently own almost 300 unique cards of Cutch and hope to get that number closer to 400 by the end of the year.  Amongst my cardboard collection of Cutch are many autographs, over a dozen 1/1s, and almost enough jersey material to put his jersey back together.  Back in 2011, I created Morton Mondays, but with the lack of Charlie Morton cards available, I changed it to McCutchen Mondays so each Monday I will show off one new card from my Cutch collection.

To see all my Andrew McCutchen relics, autos, printing plates, manupatches, etc ... check out this link.

The Pirates have seen a large influx of talent come through the major league roster and minor league farm system since Neal Huntington took over GM in 2008.  No longer thought to be a minor league system for other major league teams, the Pirates are starting to be in the conversations for contending for the past 3 years.

2010 was a disatrous season for the Pirates.

But there's a saying that for all bad things, you will be returned twice the glory.  That came true in the 2011 MLB draft when the Pirates selected Gerrit Cole #1 overall and were able to add Josh Bell in the 2nd round.  Gerrit Cole is a future ace pitcher.  He can reach back and hit triple digits from time to time and like Justin Verlander his velocity goes up as the game goes on.

Last month I showed off my Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz dual auto that Topps sent me as a replacement for my Gerrit Cole & Andrew McCutchen dual auto redemption from 2012 Bowman.  I informed you all how I was disappointed that I couldn't add the Dual Auto of the Franchise All-Stars.  I saw a couple copies of the card hit the open market and when I found one for a decent price, I decided I better pull the trigger before prices on this card sky rocket when Cole makes his MLB debut.

2012 Bowman Chrome Franchise All-Stars Dual AUTO 17/25
Since Gerrit Cole will be making his MLB debut tomorrow against the Giants, I figured this would be a good card to show off.  Tomorrow, I'll show off another Gerrit Cole auto that I recently picked up.


  1. Hey in your trade bait im interested in the 2008 Upper Deck relic my player collection.
    Email me back at and I will see what I have if I have anything in return THANKS

  2. Just pulled that card from a pack. Any clue on value?