Monday, May 5, 2014

McCutchen Monday: 2013 Select En Fuego HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!!

Here's a card that took nearly 6 months to ship to me.  6 months!!!!   I had purchased this card on ebay for a really low price (around $4, if I remember correctly).  The seller had sent it in a pwe, but I hadn't received it through 90 days.  I requested my money back from the seller and finally it shows up to my house.  The card wasn't postmarked prior to filing a claim with ebay so I'm guessing that the seller was just looking for some good karma to come his/her way by sending it out after I had already received reimbursement.

Regardless, I am happy to finally receive this card and add it to my collection.

Since the card features spanish in it's design, it seemed like a good day to show it off.

Happy Cinco de Mayo folks!
I'm going to Philly tonight to see the Blue Jays and Phillies and get drunk with some friends.

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