Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Topps Tribute Thoughts and a 1/1 Autograph

Remember last year when I built a Topps Tribute reverse box? I'm considering doing it again.
2014 Topps Tribute 65/99
I recently just picked a very affordable Gerrit Cole jersey piece from 2014 Topps Tribute and remembered how much fun it was to build a reverse box last year.  The problem I'm currently facing is the big hits have already hit the open market and are selling for much more than I would have liked to grab them.

Last week I showed off one of the cards that I just had to pull the trigger on when it hit the open market.   It was a 1 of 1 Jason Grilli inscription Onyx auto you see above.

How fricking sweet is that thing?  Since last year's All-Star break Jason Grilli has struggled due to injuries.  He's also had to face Ryan Braun more times during that span and it seems that Braun can hit a HomeRun every time he faces him.

I also grabbed another Cole jersey relic for under $6 delivered.  So far, I've committed $103 for two relics and 1 auto (a 1/1 no less).  Each box retailing for $225+ includes 2 relics, 4 autos, and 12 base cards.  I should be able to complete a reverse box for under $122, but I'm not sure if I really want to.


  1. I got a Gerrit Cole patch out of Tribute and a few Grilli auto's, but I don't think I could get to the $200 even if I wanted too Think I would choose Museum Collection if I was going to do the reverse box.

  2. If it wasn't for the 1/1 Grilli auto I could probably build a box for around $75

    1. The Pirate autos have gotten a little stale this year. Topps is just rehashing Marte and Grilli autos. Only unique autos I've seen have been Cole.

    2. Don't forget about AAA depth guys like Andrew Lambo and Jeff Locke