Friday, July 25, 2014

Couldn't pass up a golden opportunity

Being a supercollector of a non superstar player is great.  It allows me to attempt to collect 100% of all cards of a favorite player of mine without having to eat ramen noodles every night and live in a cardboard box.  Charlie Morton, while a very good pitcher, is not labeled as an ace or one of the game's top pitchers.  This allows me the opportunity to add numbered parallels of his very very cheap.
2013 Topps Update Gold Parallel (515/2013)

Such was the case for the above 2013 Topps Update gold parallel you see above.  It cost me a winning bid of 10 cents with a respectable 49 cents shipping.  I just couldn't pass up the golden opportunity to add this card to my collection for 59 cents especially since I somehow had previously not added it to my collection.

The Bucs are in Colorado this weekend and are only a few games out of first place.  Let's hope Charlie can keep the ball low and get a lot of weakly hit groundball outs and the offense continues to roll like it has the fast few nights.  Let's Go Bucs!!!!

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