Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cross off another 1/1 from the list

Charlie Morton is pitching today, you know what that means...
2014 Topps Yellow Printing Plate
It's time for another Morton update

I've had this Charlie Morton 2014 Topps Printing Plate for awhile.  I grabbed it when Series 1 was released and have been sitting on posting it for awhile.  Charlie will be taking the hill against the Reds tonight.  Charlie has historically struggled against the redlegs, but in 2011 threw two complete games against them so it should be interesting to see how things turn out at Great American Ballpark.

With Votto, Philips, and likely Chapman all out for tonight's game, I think the Bucs got a great shot at tying up the series 1-1 which brings us back to this 1/1 Morton.

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