Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Trade Deadline Blockbuster!!!

As the trade deadline nears closer, more and more teams are in search for that player that can help elevate them to the next level and win a World Series Championship.  We've already seen the Yankees aggressive on the trade market by acquiring Chase Headley yesterday and previously trading for Brandon McCarthy.

Last year, I highlighted a a group of 9 players that the Pirates have traded away since 2000 that have hurt the Pirates franchise.  It was fun and I have to say that the Hanrahan/Holt trade to Boston last year looked very favorable to the Pirates getting the clear win of that trade, but with the way that Holt has played this year, it's not entirely possible that the trade could come back to hurt the Pirates in the future.
2012 Topps Update Blockbuster Relics 4/50

One trade, I hated! absolutely hated!!!! was when the Pirates traded away Jose Bautista for a PTBNL.  That player happened to be a minor league catcher Robinzon Diaz.  Diaz was terrible!!!!
Joey Bats, well he kinda blossomed into one of the most feared power hitters in the game.  Joey Bats is one of my favorite players to root for in the game.  Earlier this year when the Phillies were hosting the Blue Jays, I got a chance to be seen on TV when he went to the plate in the 1st inning.  I wear #19 for softball because of him.  I try (and mostly fail) to emulate his high kick swing at the plate.  The dude is just flat out a stud ball player.

I won the above blue jersey swatch numbered to 50 a long time ago for around a 5 spot if I remember correctly.


  1. Anybody who predicted this kind of season for the "Brockstar" is lying to you.
    I never thought he would play for the Sox, (too much hype about Middlebrooks) much less be their best player over the past few months.

    1. Having watched half a dozen games of Brock in AA in 2011 and seeing him make his MLB debut to a near .300 batting average in 2012, I thought he would be a good utility ballplayer that could walk and be a singles hitter. I never envisioned a guy that could play every position and post almost 3 WAR by the trade deadline.