Thursday, July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Like Father, UNlike Son

Ask your average sports fan who Yogi Berra is and you're likely to get a response describing the Hall of Fame catcher or any of his funny quotes.

Ask your average sports fan who Dale Berra is and you're likely not going to get a response at all.  Dale actually had a decent playing career (11 years), but failed to come close to his father's numbers.  One of the things that Berra is known for is the Pittsburgh drug trials in the early 80s.

Despite being the son of one of the most famous catcher's of all time, Dale Berra never put on the catcher's gear in a game.  However, Fleer used an image of the mustached 1979 World Series Champion for their 1985 release sporting a catcher's mitt throwing the ball.  According to his Baseball-reference page, Berra was used 591 games at shortstop, 247 at 3rd base, and 25 at 2nd base.

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