Sunday, September 20, 2015

Football Sunday A trio of Hall of Famers

One of my collecting goals was to acquire some Pittsburgh Steelers autographs of men enshrined in Canton, Ohio.  Very early in the year, I was able to track down a lot of three on card autographs that met that criteria.  For $37 delivered, I was fortunate to add autographs of Jack Ham, Franco Harris, and Mel Blount.

Granted, the Ham isn't licensed and the signatures of Harris and Blount aren't the cleanest, but they are all certified autographs and for $12.33 each you just can't beat that price for someone who has earned the golden jacket.

eBay recently ran a 5x eBay bucks program so I picked up another Steelers autograph as part of the promotion and I have to say that it's a huge hit for my PC. 


  1. A nice trio of Stillers autographs... Can't beat that for $37!

    In any other context, "the Ham isn't licensed" sounds like something that should keep people away from a restaurant, and possibly get the FDA involved. :-)

    1. Hahahaha that's hilarious. Don't alert the FDA

    2. Hahahaha that's hilarious. Don't alert the FDA