Friday, February 12, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #45: My 1st 2016 card of Cutch AND A CONTEST

So far this year I am on pace to add nearly 400 new unique cards of Cutch again.  I have done fairly well at adding a card a day to my collection from eBay and sportlots dealers. 

Today's post features the first true 2016 card added to the PC of the former MVP.  It's a jersey relic Scouting Report, not serially numbered.

What's odd about this card though is the jersey relic used.  The Pirates don't have pinstripe uniforms and when they have worn alternate uniforms in the past for Negro League heritage games, they generally wear the Crawfords uniforms which are red and white not grey and purple. 

A few of the Starling Marte relics feature the same pinstripe so I am extremely curious what this could be from.  If anyone can correctly identify the uniform that this could be from, I will send the winner a care package prize.


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  2. I think that Topps got caught here. It looks more like a Brewers or Rockies throwback.

  3. The 1912 Pirates had pinstripes similar to that, but the Crawford Grays have another uniform with similar colors


    Isn't it from those Crawfords throwbacks they wore in 2012 against the Tigers.

  5. Today, teams have pink on their uniforms, I wonder if they have done something similar in years past for maybe father's day or a simar ocassion, only with blue instead of pink.