Tuesday, February 16, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #48: Cutch Autographs nearing 100 uniques

Over the years, I have added many Andrew McCutchen dual autographs to the PC.  Some of them are mind blowing and some feature guys that never made it to the majors.

For $30, I added another dual autograph of the Pirates Face of Franchise along with a former top prospect who never made it to the majors. 

Javier Herrera was once regarded a top prospect in the game and in 2005 he made it up to AAA as a 20 year old in Oakland's farm system.  Injuries appear to have prevented him from ever getting to the majors and the A's released him in 2008.  Since then he has bounced around from independent leagues to the Giants farm system and despite being a 30 year old in AA he is still trying to make it as a professional baseball player.  In just over 500 career minor league games he has a very good triple slash line of .281/.359/.461, but it looks like a lot of independent leagues are in his future as the Giants don't appear to have much more need of him than organization depth.

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