Wednesday, April 20, 2016


As sports cards collectors, we look for several things when seeking out that Holy Grail of cards.  It could be a rookie, a 1 of 1, an autograph, a "sick" patch.  These are all things that come to mind.

For me, the Grail McCutchen cards was adding a Superfractor from one of his first Bowman releases (2005 Draft, 2008 Futures Game, or 2009 Bowman Rookie Card).

I can check that last one off the list.

Behold it's most majestic form.
Official rookie card Superfractor.

A Superfractor Rookie Card of a player on the path for the Hall of Fame and my main player PC.  I don't know if 2016 will bring me much more success than adding this beauty to the collection, but even if the rest of the year fall's short, I'm ok with what  I have added thus far in my 2016 Cutch PC additions.

Let's just check out the backside of this beauty
Look at that sexy 1/1 in the bottom right corner.


  1. Woah, now that's one heck of a card right there. Congrats on the cool pickup.

  2. congrats dude! I'm continually amazed by and impressed with your Cutch Collection.

  3. That's amazing from another Cutch collector.